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May 12

Unveil New SWF Decompiler – Flash to HTML5 Converter & Flash Editor

swf decompiler - flash to html5With HTML5 overwhelmingly coming, your Flash movies face a big challenge. How to convert your Flash to HTML5 and make animation play on the diverse mobile devices including iPhone & iPAD?

From version 6.2, new Sothink SWF Deccompiler starts converting Flash to HTML5 with web contents and animation remained, and you can directly insert the exported HTML code to webpage and play movie smoothly on main-stream browsers. Another important feature is that Flash decompiler can be used as Flash editing tool to replace resource files, such as text, image, shape and sound, and generate a brand-new Flash movie.

Let’s experience so attractive features added to new Sothink SWF Decompiler!

Convert Flash to HTML5

In Sothink SWF Decompiler, Flash to HTML5 conversion is so easy, which is much more like exporting resource. This feature helps you

  • Export shape, font and text from Flash to SVG format.
  • Convert Flash sprite to HTML5. (Mask, Morph Shape and ActionScript are not supported yet)
  • Insert the exported HTML code to webpage and play animation without any plug-in installed.

How to convert Flash to HTML5?

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Dec 07

Sothink Tree Menu 3.0 Supports Windows 7 & IE 9 Beta

Sothink Tree Menu releases its new version 3.0 recently, which supports Windows 7 and IE 9 Beta. As quality seekers, maybe the web designers need to create tree menu on Windows 7, and viewers the same with you, they would like to enjoy navigation tree menu in IE 9 Beta. Sothink Tree Menu enables you create DHTML tree menu on Windows 7, and generate the web menu compatible with IE 9 Beta. What’s more, this tree menu builder provides 50+ free tree menu templates to match with various website styles; versatile image library available; fully customize menu style. Seamlessly integrate with DW, FP and EW.

First at all, check out stunning tree menu samples in IE 9 Beta:


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Nov 19

Get Free Flash Menu Builder on Twitter

Great news! If you need stylish flash drop down menu to navigate your website or blog, it’s your day! On Nov 23 (PST time), we offer free license of Sothink Flash Menu on Twitter. For that whole day, we will give away this $49 value Flash menu builder for every user who follows us on our Twitter account.
Ever thought about creating stunning Flash menus in clicks without any Flash coding work? Grab your FREE copy then! You should never miss this giveaway if you:

  • Want to add a dazzling Flash menu for you own website or blog, while you are rather new to Flash and have no idea about Actionscript.
  • Have received feedback from visitors who told you that your site was too complicated and difficult to navigate.
  • Need good Google rank for your websites, but don’t know how to make your Flash drop down menu Search Engine friendly.
  • Tried to script your own dynamic navigation menus from scratch and found it to be tedious and inefficient.
  • Created a Flash drop down menu, only to find that it displayed incorrectly in one or more browsers.
  • Wanted the ability to quickly change colors, backgrounds and other properties of your drop down navigation menus.

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Nov 10

Maximize your imagination – customize everything for your Flash menu

The same menu contents and identical menu structure in Flash menu, but website designers create so many
attractive Flash drop down menus of different styles for various websites. It owes to diverse menu styles to do a magic trick on Flash menus, which makes web menus amazing and stunning. Using CSS can control menu
styles if you are proficient in HTML code; if not, Flash menu builder will be the better way to customize everything for your Flash menu.

In Sothink Flash Menu, the program provides preset menu styles which can be applied to menu item in one click; to get extremely the same Flash menu with your imagination, you can customize menu styles in this program, which creates thousands combinations of menu display, special effect, background, distance, space, color, font, image, cursor, separator and icon. Let’s take a close look to see how Flash menu builder changes your menu style:
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Nov 10

How to create a float Flash menu for your website?

Float Flash Menu is a web menu used for site navigation, which locates in a fixed position on the webpage. This Float Flash menu enables to scroll along scroll bar, and always keep visible no matter how long your page is and how viewers change the window size. Generally, Flash menu is done by HTML, CSS and jQuery; but it is a difficulty to create such a float Flash menu for web design newbies or if you face urgent design task while time is limited. Maybe, using Flash menu builder is an easy way for all of us to build float menu in minutes.

Sothink Flash menu is an ultimate Flash menu builder; it can build Flash menus with simple steps. Besides float menu, Flash Menu enables to create lots of functional menus, like scroll menu, highlight menu, multi-column menu, and disable items and separators and non-English menu. Now, let’s create float Flash menu in the program:

View float menu sample, and it stays visible even if you scroll down a web page. They’re animated, so they move up and down as you scroll the browser window up or down.

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Nov 10

How to use XML/HTML/image as menu item of your Flash menu?

Get a brand-new attractive Flash menu from other navigation bars just in steps! Believe it or not, Flash menu builder can work with various authoring files to create stylish Flash menu based on the existing menu contents and menu structure:

  • Copy & paste the related menu items in one or two Flash Menu windows to reset menu sequence;
  • Import menu items from Sothink DHTML Menu or Sothink Tree Menu to get the same menu structure and contents from JavaScript menu/ tree menu;
  • Attach XML file to generate Flash menu and modify it by outside file, which edits XML file to upgrade Flash menu later.

To make your Flash menu creation effectively; you can use one of above-mentioned methods. To make your Flash menu special, you can apply HTML code or image in Flash menu as menu item, which gets great result that the plain text menu can never surpass.

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Nov 10

How to Create a Thanksgiving Flash Menu in 5 Minutes?

The annual Thanksgiving Day is close to us, this holiday is cheerful and grateful. Everything will be decorated with beautiful and lovely objects, which shows the sense of family harmony and joy. I guess you have designed Thanksgiving theme for your website, what else to decorate Thanksgiving website? Flash menu is not only an essential element to decorate and navigate the website, but also an amazing object to interact with viewers.

To create unique personalized Thanksgiving Flash menu, we will share some tips with you:

1. Include graphics contain delicious food in Flash menu.
2. Use warm color as background for Thanksgiving Flash menu.
3. Add some special effects to attract the viewer and decorate your Flash menu.
4. Navigate the viewers to next exciting page by Flash menu.

Using Sothink Flash Menu, you can apply preset resources to create Thanksgiving Flash menu in five minute s following to above-mentioned tips. Let’s start building navigation bar like this:


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Nov 09

How to make a search engine friendly Flash menu?

SEO is a hot topic for website design all the time, since the majority of website traffics come from search engine instead of visual attractiveness. Every element in website design should take SEO into consideration. As for navigation bar, website designers usually choose SE friendly Flash menu to get crawled easily by spider and together with stunning menu effect to attract the viewers.

Flash menu can be search friendly to search engine spiders by three ways:

  • Generate the SE friendly code and insert it to webpage
  • Make XML sitemap and submit it to main-stream Search Engine
  • Generate sitemap to help navigate site and make it to be indexed by Search Engine

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Nov 08

Which Builder Can Create Flash Menu in Minutes?

A stunning Flash menu will lighten the website, and impress the visitors. Web designers would like to use Flash menu as web navigation because of its cool visual effects, high-quality animation and great interaction. Flash menu has the feature of extensive cross-browser compatibility, which is well-supported on various browsers and diverse OS, and Flash drop down menu can be viewed correctly by anyone so long as Flash plug-in is installed, it is operating system and browser independent. Compared with to CSS menu and DHTML menu, Flash menu will be more attractive web menu for all of us.

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