Oct 10

Free to Get iEscaping – Most Addictive Game on iPhone and iPod touch

I think most of you have ever played the “Most Addictive Game” on webpage. A red box is escaping from other four blue moving boxes. Do you remember? What’s your highest score?

Now you can play the similar game on the iPhone and iPod touch platforms with the same game rules, but with a more appealing interface and good playability.

iEscapingIn this game, you’ll try all your best to control your spaceship so as to escape from the moving planets, which are randomly coming from all around the screen. Besides escaping the planets, you have to escape the map border, or you will lose.

It has 18 levels in total instead of only one. The speed of spaceship, the number of planets or the lasting time will grow as the level grows. Obviously, the level will become more and more difficult to pass. However, the more level you pass, the higher your score. The highest score will be stored in the record with your name. The movement of spaceship is smoothly controlled by acceleration system of iPhone or iPod touch, so you will get an extraordinary control experience while playing iEscaping.

Actually, iEscaping is funnier to play than the Most Addictive Game. Because it is more challenging, and I think the game is more addictive. Want to challenge it? Go to iTunes to get iEscaping for FREE now.

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Sep 17

Sothink Second iPhone App Hourglass Timer is released

As we all know, iPhone provides a built-in timer tool in Clock, which is very simple and has few and limited features. It only shows numbers of time on the screen; and it only allows users to set ending alarm sound; define the time in hours/minutes, not in seconds.

hourglass timer


However, Hourglass Timer is a fully featured timer, which shows you not only the number of time clearly, but also an animated golden hourglass with falling sands, which let you see the passing time vividly. When you hold your iPhone or iPod touch horizontally or vertically, or even upside down, Hourglass Timer will be automatically switched between landscape mode and portrait mode. Even you can define the time in hours/minutes/seconds.

What’s more, in portrait mode, the height of hourglass and time areas can be adjusted by dragging the middle bar. If you’d like to enjoy the hourglass animation, you can drag the middle bar to increase the height of hourglass area. Or if you’d like to see numbers of time more clearly, you can increase the height of time area. The middle bar can be dragged at any time, even when the timer is working.






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May 27

Sothink releases an application iLotus for your iPhone and iPod touch

Nowadays, iPhone has been very popular. iPhone App Store hit 1 billion downloads last month and this trend is growing. To meet user’s requirements, here comes our first application for iPhone and iPod touch – iLotus.


iLotus shows you a beautiful traditional Chinese painting. Displays a vivid lotus pond with frogs’ croaking on your iPhone and iPod touch, elegant, graceful and really true to life, as if you are in the nature. By shaking or touching, you will get interactive effect also.

In your childhood, have you ever picked flower petals one by one? Have you ever chased after dragonflies? Have you ever caught little frogs at the pond? …

You can experience all these happy things on your iPhone now.

Try to touch every item in iLotus, including:

  • Lotus flower
  • Lotus leaf (The top one)
  • Red Dragonfly
  • Frog

And you will get some surprises.

Blow at your iPhone from microphone or shake it to “destroy” the lotus into pieces, and frogs are frightened to jump away.

For more info, you can visit http://iphone.sothink.com

Get it now at APP Store:

Category: Entertainment
Size: 1.3 MB
Requirement: Requires iPhone 2.2 software update

Any feedback about iLotus is welcome. Welcome to share any idea of iPhone application.