Oct 14

DHTML Menu 9.6 Supports IE9 Beta

IE9Sothink DHTML Menu supports IE9 beta in its new version of 9.6. With Microsoft IE9 Beta release, you can freely use this powerful IE browser later, which is optimized in performance, HTML5, Graphic and Browser. As an essential web element, JavaScript menu/DHTML menu needs to be compatible with the main-stream browser of IE9 to get better browsing experience. Sothink DHTML Menu enables you to create cross IE9 beta navigation bars without any skills; and 100+ built-in templates are available to be applied to your website directly.

What is Sothink DHTML Menu?
Sothink DHTML Menu is a drop down menu builder, which assistant you in making cross-browser menu, fast-loading menu and SE friendly menu in clicks. 100+ templates & 30 styles included; integration with main-stream web editors; support database driven menus; fully customize menu style.

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Sep 01

DHTML Menu Offers 100+ Navigation Menu Templates Now

Sothink DHTML Menu upgrades new version to 9.5 recently. In the latest version, 19 modern and fashionable menu templates are added to the program newly; and till now, Sothink DHTML Menu has provided over 100 free navigation menu templates. So, you will get more choices to pick up the suitable navigation menu to your website without starting from menu design.

Let’s check out new arrival navigation menus:

  1. Dot navigation menu templatenavigation menu - dot
  2. Pipe navigation menu template
    navigation menu - pipe
  3. Roof navigation menu template
    navigation menu - roof

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Jul 26

How to make your website display properly on iPad?

iPad has entered into our lives, and it provides a new way to view website. The surfers can browse the website vertically or horizontally. Yes, iPad will bring website revolution for viewing way of landscape and portrait mode. As web designer,  have you get your website ready for iPad users? If you think so, then follow me to design iPad website and make it display properly on iPad.

At present, the web designers usually adopt three layouts to design website: fixed, fluid and elastic. These website layouts have their own advantages and disadvantages, the web designers should choose the appropriate layout based on your websites. Let’s view the below chart to get pro&cons of website layout:

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Jul 26

How iPad Change the Way We Design Website?

iPad brings us so many surprises since release, it provides a brand-new way to surf the Internet. Put iPad on your hand, input the URL in the browser to view the web page; rotate this device in 90 degree, and see the same webpage contents of completely different layout. How magic! It is no doubt that iPad will change the way we design website. About iPad website, I will take iPad drop down menu for example to share some tips&tracks.

As we know, iPad drop down menu is the vital element in iPad web design; it has the characteristic of navigating iPad website, beautifying iPad web page and including more contents in less space. And if inserting iPad drop down menu into iPad web page, your website will get better user experience. Let’s view the JavaScript menu on iPad.


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Jul 13

How to Make Drop Down Menu for iPad Website?

iPad time is overwhelming arrival for  hot sales  since its release.  iPad will be popular in the future, are you prepareded  to make your website become iPad website, and satisfy with your iPad visitors? Definitely need, the sooner the better.

Let’s change the traditional website to iPad website from now. First, we start with iPad drop down menu. As we know, the iPad has the characteristic of landscape and portrait mode, your iPad drop down menu must works well in both modes. For iPad web design, keep two things in your mind, you should set the width in percent instead of the fixed in iPad web page; re-sizing browser window is unavailable in iPad website.

iPad drop down menu can navigate your iPad website clearly; meanwhile,  it enables to contain the unlimited-level of menu items in one line, which occupies the less space and displays more. Next, we will learn how to make the useful drop down menu for iPad website. You will get some tips in iPad web development to avoid mistaking.
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Jun 18

Sothink DHTML Menu Supports Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

dhtmlmenuOn June 18, 2010, SourceTec Software released Sothink DHTML Menu 9.4. In this version, DHTML Menu builder keeps its top rank in menu maker industry to support Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 in the first time, and the cross-browser menu works perfectly in Safari 5 on Windows & Mac OS X. Meanwhile, DHTML menu builder optimizes the preview window to make it save background color in authoring files, which is convenient to edit files for next time; and 18 new built-in templates are added to application.

Sothink DHTML Menu is an easy-to-use drop down menu builder, it can create SE friendly and fast-loading JavaScript menu without coding. Rich templates & styles enable you to create cross-browser menu in clicks. Seamless integrates with main-stream web editors, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 supported. With this navigation menu builder, you can easily make functional menus, database driven menus. Menu appearance can be fully customized too. Continue reading

Apr 14

50% OFF! Enjoy Great Savings from One Day, One Deal on Sothink.com



A One-day Deal promotion will be launched on Sothink.com from April 21, 2010 to April 28, 2010. You can find the most popular and award-winning Flash decompiler, SWF editor, drop down menu maker, logo maker, etc, and all of them will be sold at 50% discounted prices.


1. One-day Deal Schedule



2. How to Order the Discounted Tools?

You will enjoy the discounted price via coupons. See the following steps:

Step 1: Follow the normal ordering process to enter the purchase page;

Step 2: Fill in the “Discount coupon” box with the coupon code we offered;

Step 3: Click “Update cart”. As follows:

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Mar 04

New Drop Down Menu Templates are Added to DHTML Menu V9.3

drop-down-menu1Want to design good-looking and fast-loading drop down menu for your website, but afraid of the conventional large quantities of scripting work? Sothink DHTML Menu is a simple yet powerful drop down menu builder. It offers an easy and productive way to create attractive SEO friendly drop down menus, JavaScript menus without any JavaScript programming.

For more information of this SEO friendly drop down menu builder >>


drop-down-menu2Rich built-in templates and preset styles let you create professional DHTML menus that work in all browsers within just a few minutes. Even amateur web menu designers can make advanced drop-down menus easily. In the latest DHTML Menu V9.3, 15 nice and new templates are available for your convenience.

Samples of the new added drop down menu templates: Flip, Gray, Skelecton, Pure Black, Olive


This outstanding JavaScript menu builder supports making database driven JavaScript menus with ASP, PHP, JSP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion and more. You can also create various functional menus like tab menu, multi-column menu, etc. Menu appearance can be fully customized. Good integration lets you add menus to your web pages using your existing HTML editor.

Download this drop down menu builder for 30-day free experience >>

Jan 26

Sothink.com Announces the Hottest One-day Deal Promotion

From January 28, 2010 to February 7, 2010, Sothink.com will release its One-day Deal promotion, containing a selection of amazing and useful DHTML menu builder, tree menu builder, SWF editor, SWF decompiler and web scroller. For a limited time, five important and award-winning software products on Sothink.com will be sold at 50% discounted prices.

1. One-day Deal Schedule



2. How to Order These Discounted Flash Authoring Tools?

This special offer is provided as coupon codes that are listed in the above table. Moreover, related One-day Deal information will also be noted in each product’s home page.

To enjoy the discounted price, you just need to follow the ordinary ordering process. When entering the purchase page, please fill in the “Discount coupon” box with the coupon code we offered, and then click “Update cart”. As follows: Continue reading

Jul 16

Little Known Website to Learn DHTML Menu!



Bestwebmenu.com, a tutorial-based website, is spontaneously built in the purpose of introducing developers to make better use of Sothink DHTML Menu program, which is not affiliated with Sothink or SourceTec Company.

Here is a place for old hand people sharing key experience and skills on website development and menu creation. Either fresheners or intermediate-level guys are welcome here.

So what have it already offered?
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