Jun 11

Flash News of the Week-Flash Player 11.3 Will Support Sandboxing in Firefox on Windows

Several changes that Adobe made in Flash 11.3 aim to boost the browser plugin’s security and reduce its susceptibility to attacks. The most significant of those changes is the introduction of sandboxing on the Windows platform.

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Jun 06

Flash Stats of the Week—Active Users Stats of Facebook Flash Games

Today, we are going to share some stats about Facebook Flash games. The stats show the active users, free Facebook games developed by Flash and top free Flash games in Facebook. It gives you an overall vision about Flash in Facebook games and why Flash still important in Facebook game development.

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Jun 04

Flash News of the Week—Adobe Flash Lives in Windows 8

Summary: Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows 8 will support Flash. Finally, a selling point for the tablet. While it’s not exactly “full fat” Flash, it could keep the add-on in play for years to come.

A leaked memo from Adobe’s Danny Winokur shows how close the partnership is between Microsoft and Adobe to bring Flash support to Windows 8.

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May 30

Flash Stats of the Week—Monthly Sales Figures of Flash Game

Today, we are going to share some stats about Flash game sales. The stats demonstrate monthly sales figure of Flash games inside FlashGameLicense.com. It gives you a general look at the Flash game sales condition and Flash game demand in the market.

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May 28

Flash News of the Week—Smartphones Run HTML5 a lot Slower Than PCs

Benchmarks run by Spaceport.io show that HTML5 runs “six to ten times slower” on smartphones than on “a modern laptop” — in this case, a MacBook Pro with an Intel Core i7 processor. “Repeated tests, using a variety of animation techniques, show that while modern iOS and Android smartphones can handle simple HTML5 games like blackjack and Scrabble, complex games and applications are much further down the road,” says Spaceport.

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May 24

Flash Stats of the Week—SWF Embed Usage Trends from Apr 11 to May 12

Today, we are going to share some stats about SWF usage. These stats demonstrate the usage trend of SWF embedded website, which gives you a clear vision about some aspects of web development in the past year.

Adobe Flash content usage trends

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