May 30

Spark Your Father’s Day Ideas

Mother’s love is like a river running pure while father’s love is like a high mountain which can protect us. In terms of daily caring, it is undeniable that mother’s love is far more sensitive than father’s. However, Fathers set us the examples of being courageous and strong. Father’s Day approaches and it is a wonderful time to remember our fathers. For our beloved fathers, what Fathers day ideas have you gotten?

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May 23

Optimize Your Website with Flash Contents for Mobile Users

Many websites used to be created with flash or include flash contents. The weakness gradually appears especially with the development of html5. Html5 is more mobile friendly. It allows websites to function like mobile apps via offering design capability. Thus, for attracting more mobile visitors, it is necessary to convert flash to html5 animation for those websites created with flash or include flash contents.

More people own smartphones and tend to surf the web with them.

The survey (released on March, 2013) from Pew Internet & American Life Project reveals that 78% of young people, ages 12 to 17, now have mobiles. Nearly half of those are smartphones and a share is increasing steadily. This will exert an effect on how, and where many young people are accessing the Web.

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May 15

Engage IOS Website Visitors with Flash to HTML5 Converter

If you are a website owner, designer or developer, you must have faced the dilemma that your flash videos, games or banners cannot be viewed across IOS (Apple’s operating system for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) devices. This will cause some visit loss. Fortunately, there are some solutions available to fix it. One of these solutions is to convert flash to HTML5. HTML5 is getting more popular because of the good performance on devices and seo-friendly characteristic.

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May 08

Show Our Love for Mom in a Special Way

We might have noticed there are streaks of grey in Mom’s hair and wrinkles have overspread her face. Time has left its impress upon her. This is our beloved mother- the most beautiful woman in the world. She must have a deep memory of our cute childhood, while, she might have forgotten the bitterness of raising us. When we got hurt, we can always obtain comfort from her. No words can describe the love for mom. Mother’s day approaches and she deserves something special gift for Mother’s day.

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May 02

Giveaway–$49 Worth Sothink Flash Menu

Flash menu is often visually rich, and comes with high quality graphics and animated effects, which make navigation bar much more attractive than a static JavaScript menu. Sothink Flash Menu which comes with all the tools and features to design attractive flash drop down menus. Now, there is an opportunity to get this cool flash menu builder for Free (the giveaway is only available on May 6, 2013). Let’s first have a glimpse of some stunning menu templates.

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Apr 24

Sothink Launches JavaScript Web Scroller Giveaway

If you are a web designer, you might have collected some showcases of websites which implement scrolling effect. Currently, scrolling is set to be a bigger and bigger part of how we navigate websites because of the ubiquity of mobile touch-screen devices and the steady increase in the resolution of consumer screens in mobile form as well as traditional laptop. Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller is aimed to help web designers create image scroller, news scroller, ads, events, image slide shows etc in minutes. And now you can get it for Free (the original price is $35) for its giveaway campaign.

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Apr 17

Get Sothink DVD to iPad Converter for Free—Time Limited

Once upon a time, my little sister bought a number of DVDs of concerts by her favorite artists. She played these DVDs on the home DVD player. Recently, she received an iPad and is at loss on how to play these DVDs on her iPad. As we all know, the supported video formats for iPad are very limited: H.264 and MPEG-4 videos in .m4v, .mov and .mp4 file formats. To get the compatible iPad video format, you need a DVD to iPad converter. Now, there is an opportunity to get Sothink DVD to iPad converter for FREE (the original price is $34.95), only for April 17, 2013. 

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Mar 27

April Fools’ Day Campaign – Play Game, Win Coupons (The Campagin has Ended)

April Fools’ Day is coming! Have you planed any interesting prank for your family, friends or coworkers? On this special festival, don’t miss any chance to have fun!

To thank you for your continuous support, SourceTec Software also prepared something for you. Don’t worry; it is definitely not a prank – there are two $10 coupons hidden in the video below, please try to find them just by clicking on the buttons “Play” and “Stop”. These coupons are available for all products from our company till 2013/4/30. Hurry up to join in this game, and good luck to you!

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Mar 26

SourceTec Celebrates April Fool’s Day and Distributes Coupons(The Campagin has Ended)

Dear users,

April Fool’s Day comes once a year. Some people may spend days thinking up gags to pull on their friends and family, while others love a little impromptu prank here and there. No matter which way you do it, the goal is the same—to relax ourselves and be happy on this special day.

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Mar 26

SourceTec Software Announces the Winners of Logo Maker Review Competition

SourceTec Software, a leading flash and web design software providers in the world, is delighted to announce the winners of Sothink Logo Maker review competition.

SourceTec Software has always paid much attention to the user feedbacks. And this competition is set to inspire and encourage users to tell us their thoughts on Logo Maker. No matter the pros or cons, they are all our impetus for unceasing improvement.

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