Nov 08

New Menu Templates Are Coming!


With menu templates, you can simply build up various beatiful menus, no waste of your time and energy. There are two ways to get those menu templates:

1. For Sothink DHTMLMenu user: $89.95(save 50% off) to have all 24 DMenu temlpates;

For Sothink TreeMenu user: $49.95(save 25% off) to have all 6 TreeMenu templates;

2. $119.95(save 52% off) to have all the DHTMLMenu and TreeMenu templates.

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Nov 08

SWF to Video Converter is born!

swf to video converter

Sothink SWF to Video converter
Version: 1.0 (build: 61103)
File size: 5,040KB
Screenshot: Click Here
Release Date: Nov.8th, 2006
Buy for US $79.95
Download Now
Nov 8, an unusual day for Sothink, the youngest is born! Though it is still a newbie to us, what it can deal with is quite amazing. It can convert swf to avi smoothly in a rapid speed. If you want to play a flash movie on your ipod, PSP or even cell phone, Sothink swf to video converter will be the best assistant! Swf to video converter can also generate gif images from swf, add and modify watermark in your new generated files.

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Nov 03

Sothink Tree Menu2.0 is available now!

treemenu2.0Tree Menu V2.00
Screenshot download
File Size: 4.35 MB
Release Date: Nov 3rd, 2006
Support IE 7.0, Firefox 2.0 and Opera 9

treemenu2.0With Sothink Tree Menu, it will be so easy to build DHTML Tree Menus in minutes! No programming skill, no JavaScript experience? That’s OK. You still can design professional and fashionable Tree Menus. The program guides you to create tree menus; cross-browser is not a problem any more. Exert your imagination, and check out the wonderful performance made by Sothink Tree Menu!

Buy for US $49.95 Buy for EUR €39.99

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Nov 01

Sothink iPod Video Converter 2.0 is released!

iPod Ripper, iPod Video Converter
2.0 (Build 61027)
File Size: 3,726 KB
Release Date: Nov. 1st, 2006
Buy for only $24.99
Download Trial Version
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Sothink iPod Video Converter can rip DVD to iPod video and convert other formats of video to iPod video format. The supported formats include avi/mpg/mpeg/asf/asx/wmv/rm/rmvb/mov/mp4/3gp/3gp2/3gpp.
Its converting speed is faster than other software. And the picture quality of the created iPod videos is excellent. It is very simple to follow as a wizard. Sothink iPod Video Converter is designed to be an easy company for your iPod.

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Oct 31

Flash templates of Halloween

Today is the Halloween, we provide some flash templates to you, and some of them may save up to 40% of your money.

Halloween templatesNAME: Halloween
SWF file size: 1,063KB ZIP file size: 41,026KB
USD:33.00 (54.90)
EUR:26.24 (43.66)

TYPE: Full Flash Site
Sources Available: .PSD; .HTML; .FLA; .SWF; .SQF; .WAV; .MP3;
Software Required: Adobe Photoshop 7+; Macromedia Dreamweaver MX+; Adobe GoLive 7+; Microsoft Frontpage XP+; Macromedia Flash MX2004+; Sothink Quicker 2.2 Build 60421+;

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Oct 31

Have wonderful idea to tell us?

We are working hard to promote those softwares, to let them be the most popular tools for WEB designers and Flash Movie Makers in the past years. Now, some of the tools such as Sothink SWF Decompiler, Sothink SWF Quicker have already been the standard softwares in the world. And we have released some other tools like DVD ripper tools, Menu builders, Ipod converter . There was nothing can be perfect in the world, but one more important tip is: You must know your faults, then conquer them. Following is my wish, if you find any shortage of our products or the support team, or if you discover some good features of other products, please tell me here. Any of your advice will be appreciated!

Oct 25

Happy Halloween!

Each year, on the last night of October, millions of children across the U.S dress-up in costume and take to the streets for a spooky dose of Trick or Treat fun.
But how much do you really know about this haunted holiday? Explore this blog to find out the true history!
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Oct 18

Check out Our Vista Menu Templates!

Vertical Vista PicVertical Vista GreenVertical Vista Blue
These vista menu templates are made using our program Sothink DHTMLMenu. The main skill to achieve that effect is simply using graphics, and the program’s new feature — Surround.

Next week, we will continue releasing a series of horizontal vista menu templates rather than vertical ones.
Anyway, you may find other cool templates here if you are interested. 🙂 Any suggestion or comment is welcome!