Dec 17

Sorry, we apologize, please don’t get mad…

Hi everyone,

In the following 24 hours, we are renewing our SSL Certificate of Registration Protection System. The renew work might cause the registration problem.

During the renew process, you might receive the notification “A connection to the activation server could not be established”. In this situation, please register your program 24 hours later.

We are sorry

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Nov 11

Sothink Thanksgiving Sale Begins

November is a season for Thanksgiving and harvest. Here we’d like to thank God, lovers, families, friends and essentially our customers.


For the upcoming Thanksgiving activity, Sothink will provide you with hot products at a cost-effective price, 50% OFF. This activity runs until Nov 28th, 2013.

Seize the time! Learn More>>

Wish you a happy Thanksgiving Day!