Sothink Club Members


Congratulations to the following 50 winners! You have become our Club Members.
From now on, you will get FREE upgrades to all future versions and save up to 20% on all Sothink products.

* John Haly * Pascal Derathé * Patrick Ong * Jon Smith

* Ed Askmo * Bill Borders * Samantha Mignano * Ken Gilliland

* Norman Neu * Ingrid Wildschut * Peter Bemmann * Bernie K

* Mike Gannotti * Kevin Lotspaih * Julián Iglesias * Kim Ellern

* Jeri Gugig * Paul N Davis * Thomas Trotter * Mark Reinertson

* Paul N Davis * Glen Mead * Bill Pitt * D Dible * Tye Gaddis

* Ryan Schmidt * Paul N Davis * Henry Zheng * James Ogden

* Elizabeth Smith * Mario Arenas * Cal McGaugh * David Lynch

* Diane Hoffrichter * Beverly Barry * Grace Sullivan * Suzanne Walsh

* Holly Lee * Molly Lamson * Jessica Medeiros * Michelle Soares

* Harry MacEachern * Rushin Yang * Naveen Palaniswamy * Erin Volkema

* Ranjan Hurley * James Bence * Donna Clifton * Peter Hamel

* Jody McCormack

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5 thoughts on “Sothink Club Members

  1. After completing a logo we notice so think’s logo within ours. After purchase does that still appear?

  2. Thanks for your inquiry. The answer is absolutely no. There will be no marks in your logo design work after purchase.

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