Aug 22

News: FeedMyApp has included our professional logo designing tool

Excellent site of best web 2.0 sites and applications: FeedMyApp has included our professional designing tool: Sothink Logo Maker Pro

Sothink Logo Maker Pro

This can create awesome logos and vector artworks like experts from smart drawing pens, color schemes, rich effects and build-in symbols. It becomes fairly easy and comfortable to design logos for web and print. View Pro version and basic version.

logo templates

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Oct 15

Problems to Be Avoided in Graphic Design

Graphic designing is a kind of visual communication that makes use of a word, symbol, or any visual item and designs it in a way to communicate the underlying message of the design to the public. Graphics designs might be created by grouping together visual images, texts, words, shape of different sizes, color combinations, layouts, lines, and dot patterns.

graphic design

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Jun 13

Unveil the Secrets of Graphic Design Software—Logo Maker Pro

Logo Maker Pro is a comprehensive design software. Among its variety of features, graphic design is the most shining point that draws our attention. So today, we are going to take a deep look at the graphic aspect of the program and unveil the secrets of this graphic design software.

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