Jul 19

What Other People say about Sothink Logo Maker Pro

We have seen designers create so many amazing works with Logo Maker Pro; and this logo design program receives responsive feedbacks since it has been published. So what do they think about Logo Maker Pro? What’s their expectation? Let’s have a check. They may also helpful info to you.

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Jun 13

Unveil the Secrets of Graphic Design Software—Logo Maker Pro

Logo Maker Pro is a comprehensive design software. Among its variety of features, graphic design is the most shining point that draws our attention. So today, we are going to take a deep look at the graphic aspect of the program and unveil the secrets of this graphic design software.

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May 30

Now You can Have a Cool Sothink Logo Maker Pro

It is our great honor to announce that now you can have a cool Sothink Logo Maker Pro! The brand new Sothink Logo Maker Pro is officially released! It is an awesome graphic design and logo design program for all fields.

YouTube Preview Image

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Feb 14

Sothink Logo Maker 3.4 – Save You Much Time on Logo Project Loading

Sothink Logo Maker 3.4 – Save You Much Time on Logo Project Loading

Are you annoyed by the time-consuming loading of some logo design software? Or are you tired of your logo making project just because the files are taking too long to open? I know how precious your time is and there is a great demand for a more effective logo creator to solve these problems.

Now, we are very excited to inform you that Logo Maker is updated to version 3.4.

Download Logo Maker 3.4

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