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Name: Alexandre GILBERT

Job Title: IT Consultant / Website designer

Location: France

Company name: Freelance Consultant (no name)

Company Industry: IT Consultant / Website designer

Company homepage: None

Personal Background: I'm graduate in Electronic, Electronic computer design, Industrial Computer Science. Iíve started my career 17 years ago in Umicore, an international company mainly based in Belgium and France (www.umicore.com).
When you create a website, the navigation part is so important that you need a smooth and powerful tool to create it and to update it quickly. I experience some tools and now, for all my web project, the navigation system is created by Sothink DHTML Menu. In June 2003, Iíve purchase version 4 of DHTML Menu.

Of course, we can create a menu manually, but it wonít be at the same quality level. Moreover, the time spent to create it will cost much than purchasing Sothink DHTML Menu. After using a lot of free tools and using many evaluation versions, I decided to purchase Sothink DHTML Menu.

Now, I use it every week and my customers love the results. As soon as they ask me a structure modification, itís done in some clicks and I just update the generated JavaScript file on the server. Itís a very easy way to process.

When a graphic designer provides me a Photoshop template, Iím not afraid by their way of thinking navigation system. I know that Sothink DHTML Menu will help be to make it live.
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