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Name: Hans Frieden

Job Title: Owner

Location: Berne, Switzerland

Company name: Freemedia Medien & Verlag

Company Industry: Publishers/Webdesigners

Company homepage: http://www.freemedia.ch

Personal Background: 10 years of experience in the development of websites, among others for the Swiss Commission for UNESCO. As we were only a little company with two persons (father and son), we’ve registered two copies of the SWF-Quicker. So you’ll receive this form two times to benefit from your offers.
We’re getting bored about the destructive leadership of Macromedia, Adobe in this area, so we were looking for cost effective alternative software.

There are many issues which we could benefit from your software, surely one of the most interesting things is to import flash-animations directly (without to have the necessary *.fla-files), another interesting tool is the possibility to import and convert movies and to reduce the file-sizes to a minimum.

Your products are more flexible, not reduced to open only “own” formats, they are very intuitive to use and every time a surprise to find new or different solutions to solve our wishes.


A simple Slideshow

A more complex animation with typical images from Switzerland

A self running company presentation
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