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Name: Greg Barrett

Job Title: Admin Consultant

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Company name: GDB Network Perth

Company Industry: Consultant

Company homepage: #

Personal Background: We provide software solutions and consult on its use
I looked for a more interesting way to promote a business here in Perth. Using Glanda and Quicker was able to create swf files for use within an active email promotion of a perth business and its shows. By creating a series of banners and graphics within a HTML style email, using the free HTML editor from you, I promoted the business and its activities for over 9 months. The increase in business was quite evident by the business’ increase in turnover.

I found Glanda and Quicker to be far easier to use, much more efficient and faster to create swf files. I was able to take with me onsite, develop there, preview, and publish on the business’ server almost in a matter of minutes.

I still use the products to create banners and graphics on websites for various business and personal websites. Most of the banners created are used for short term promotions, so frequent changing tends the site to be visited more often.

The main benefit to me was the ease and quick development of swf graphics.
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