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Name: Lee Townsend

Job Title: Systems Engineer

Location: Montvale, VA

Company name: AE Systems, Inc.

Company Industry: AV Integrator

Company homepage: http://www.ae-systems.com

Personal Background: Personal Background: I am an Audio-Visual systems specialist, doing design engineering and programming/integration of large-scale A/V systems. As such, there is a lot of networking work associated with it, and I also function as the company’s IT specialist. This includes maintenance of our company’s web page.
We have a need to make periodic changes to our company web page. We use Flash objects at our website, which was originally developed by a third party programmer. I had a need to be able to create and edit embedded Flash movie objects on our site, and found your Quicker product to be a feature-rich affordable product for such a project. I found it through a web-search on Flash editors.

I have tried some of the other products available … the lower-end products didn’t have the features that your product has, and the higher-end products were not cost-effective. Your Quicker product represents by far the best value.

I originally used the product to tweak our website, but have found it useful in preparing slideshows for customers, and it is an effective sales and after-market software tool. Our plan is to completely revamp the existing website, using Flash objects generated with Sothink SWF Quicker. It fits our budget and we get mostly all of the features of the high-end product.
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