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Replacing images in Sothink DHTML Menu

Maybe you need to insert your company logo or your favorite image in the menu. Yes, you can. And I will show you how to change the images in Sothink DHTML Menu.

First, let’s get to know which elements can insert images in it. General speaking, the elements that can use image are as follows: menu item, icon, arrow, cursor, surround, background for menu item, background for popup menu, separator, etc.

Second, make clearly which item you select, menu item, popup menu or separator; which element you want to change image is belong to, background, icon, arrow or surround.

In the end, input the directory of pre-ready image to replace image in this menu.

Take this menu for example:

Menu Template Sample

Now, change the top image for this menu. From the start, pick Top-level Menu, and go to Popup Menu > Surround, use prepared image to replace the previous image in Fg Image and Bg Image.

Menu Template Sample

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