Jun 17

The 3 Best Smartphones for Mobile Gaming

Many of us will not admit it, but most don’t know exactly what we should be looking for in a phone. We hear some specs and have a vague idea of what they mean, but we usually end up purchasing based on the brand or recommendations from people in our entourage. But, if you want to buy a smartphone for gaming specifically, you can’t leave things to chance. Let’s take a look at some of the best smartphones on the market for gamers. Continue reading

Jun 04

What Technology Will You Need To Manage An Offshore Team?

Are you bootstrapping a business and wondering about offshore team management? If yes, then this article will help you out. When starting a business, there comes a point when you feel a need for an offshore team. This offshore team not only provides you the benefit of the disparity of cost of living in various countries but also saves you from tax responsibilities for your staff. Continue reading