3 Reasons Why an Arts Degree Can be Just as Useful as a Business Degree

There is an increasingly common notion that degrees in liberal arts are not nearly as useful as a business degree has the potential to be. Believe it or not, that’s not entirely true, and education in arts can be just as useful as a business degree, albeit in different situations.

In case you do not completely agree with that statement, or if you are a student who wants to pursue an Associate of Arts program after high school, but are having second thoughts about it, we have the perfect set of pointers for you next.

Defining the Term “Useful”

Coming down to the very definition of the term “useful,” one would have to say that it’s a quality which is attributed to anything that proves itself to be of use. However, the usefulness of something is a constant variable, which means that, depending on the following factors, liberal arts education can be just as useful or just as useless as a business degree:

In other words, if you are considering a course in liberal arts, then it shows you have a significant interest in it, and business education is unlikely to provide you with the kind of education that you are looking for. If you like the subject and what it has to offer to you as a student, then it is a “useful” course of education, simply because it has use to you.

Besides, you can at any point of time in the future, join a business program as well, if you feel the need to do so, but people usually do not come back to liberal arts after completing business school! It is widely accepted that liberal arts education helps us to complete our academic qualifications, so it can provide you with a solid educational foundation to pursue a business degree later on.

On Choosing the Right Elective, You May Not Even Have to Choose!

A high school graduate who wants to complete a course in liberal arts, but would also like to pursue a career in the corporate world later on, may not even have to choose at all. Completing an Associate of Arts degree course with a Business Management elective is the best way to mingle both lines of education seamlessly. The elective should introduce students to important concepts of business management such as:

  • The core principles of business management and administration
  • Organizational and administrative skills
  • Business communication
  • Conflict resolution training
  • Business ethics

There are two primary benefits to completing an Associate of Arts program with Business Management as an elective:

  • It’s naturally designed to prepare the young students for a future in academics
  • Thanks to the BM elective, the course also familiarizes students with the basics of working in a corporate environment

As should be evident, this actually makes the Arts Associate course even more potent than a general business associate degree would be, simply on account of the fact that it opens a bilateral choice of career in front of the student from an early age.

Liberal Arts Create the Foundation for Business Education to Thrive On

Liberal arts education and business education are each as important as the other, to even those with a predisposition towards business. This is true because one acts as the base or foundation on which the other builds. A few skills attributed universally to the study of liberal arts are as follows:

  • Development of excellent communication skills
  • The ability to understand and communicate complicated ideas with ease
  • Development of critical thinking skills
  • Management and maintenance of professional/personal relationships

All of them are crucial skills for becoming a successful corporate worker and future entrepreneurs, which makes the educational background in arts important for further specializing those skills down the line via professional business education.

There was a time when the fundamentals of liberal arts were considered to be just that – fundamentals of education itself, necessary for well-rounded development. Although times have changed a lot since then, it is to be kept in mind that so have the courses. In light of everything we just discussed, it would be proper to state that an arts degree could indeed be just as valuable as a business degree, but that will depend largely on the factors already discussed.

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