6 Planning Tip For YouTubers

YouTubers need to do much hard work before they can start monetizing their YouTube videos. You need at least 1,000 subscribers and a total of 4,000 watch hours before they can apply to become a part of YouTube’s Partner Program. 

You can start earning money when people click on and purchase something from one of the YouTube ads that pop up during one of your videos. Earn a passive income from the number of subscribers you have each month. If you offer different channel memberships, you can monetize this option as well. Here are 6 planning tips to get you organized and motivated to make a living from YouTube.

1. Utilize a Gantt Chart For Team Members Know Assigned Tasks

Try a Gantt chart to keep you and your team members on schedule. This chart is a visual timeline to help you organize, plan, and create videos for your YouTube channel.

The Gantt chart will give you a visual representation of how long over days or weeks a task shall take. You write each task on a micro card and spread it out on the calendar for as long as you need to complete the task.

Start each micro card with the name of the person whether yourself or another team member who is responsible for that task. You can color code the micro cards so that everyone knows their tasks for that day and what other duties they still have to finish for that week.

2. Collaborate With Your Team To Generate Ideas

Think about your YouTube channel name and the niche you deliver to your audience. Collaborate with your team to generate these ideas. More minds contributing are better than just yourself.

View current trends related to the niche. These can be discussion points for your upcoming videos. When generating ideas, assign duties to each person such as:

  • You:Whiteboard Writer
    • With each idea, write it on the board.
    • A visual representation can help the team generate more ideas.
  • Team Member #1:Idea Recorder
    • Record ideas in a notebook or text document during a collaboration meeting.
    • Organize ideas into categories after the meeting for everyone’s reference.
  • Team Member #2:Information Seeker
    • Search statistics online related to the industry to add to the video content ideas list.
    • Statistics make the channel look more credible.
  • All Team Members: Continually view trends on the channel niche to bring to collaboration meetings.

3. Designate a Keyword Searcher On The Team

Designate one of your team members to be the Keyword Searcher. The Google keyword search tool to further optimize your titles so that it meets Search Optimization Standards (SEO) standards. When you input the correct keywords into your YouTube titles as well as the correct tags, you will generate more viewership and increase the number of subscribers to your channel.

More monthly views and more subscribers mean you will earn more money through YouTube’s Partner Program. Keyword searches will be the basis of your success on the YouTube platform because they will be the bridge to your earnings.

4. Schedule a Meeting With Your Videographer

Whether your videographer is your husband, wife, sibling, or a hired professional, talk everything over before shooting your channel’s next video. Note the activities you will be doing and if it will require a lot of moving around on the videographer’s end.

Maybe the videographer can take a break from the video because you will be sitting and discussing the content while showing visual representations. Whoever is your videographer should be patient, flexible, and ready to film multiple takes until you both get the perfect shot.

5. Analyze the Competition

You can find the best planning tools when watching the videos that your competitors publish. This does not mean copying their content directly. See what topics they are discussing and then plan videos based on your desired angle on how you want to resent the information.

Have one of your team members act as a Competitor Analyst. Their job can be to watch YouTube channels with similar content as yours to learn what viewers want to learn about the industry.

6. Chat With Your Video Editor Before Every Video Release

Meet with your video editor before finalizing every video. Communicate your expectations of what you want the video to look like. To help with reassuring all needs are met, send an Excel or Word document to them outlining everything you want to be included in the video such as certain special effects, subtitles, headings, and more.

Final Thoughts About Planning Tips For YouTubers

Across 12 million channels are 40,000 full-time YouTube content creators that are monetizing their content from the social media platform. While it takes time to earn money as a YouTube creator, with hard work and thorough planning, you can make your dream of fun passive income possible!



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