6 Things to Avoid When Designing Your Own Logo

Designing your own logo is an exciting and fulfilling experience because you can be able to achieve the best results as per your imagination.

However, it also poses a risk of making several mistakes, usually due to inexperience, lack of skills, and not being fully dedicated to the project.

Therefore, in such cases, you might end-up cutting corners or taking shortcuts and end up with a poor logo design that does not truly represent your brand.

However, if you know some of the things that you should avoid, you can be able to design a good logo.

Here are 6 things that you should avoid when designing your logo.

#1 Copying, Stealing, Borrowing another Company’s Logo Design

One of the most common things that you should avoid is replicating a logo that you like. With the global internet connection, it is easier to find logo copycats.

Furthermore, you might end-up facing fierce copyright legal battles in the future. All in all, a replicated logo will not meet its purpose of representing your business uniquely.

You can get inspiration from other logos, but never replicate them, but be creative and use the elements to design your own unique logo.

#2 Using Common Clip Arts

Using readily available clips or photo arts can seem like a simple way to design your logo. However, you should avoid it like the plague.


The sole purpose of a logo is to distinguish your business from competitors. Therefore, it should be completely unique. Using conventional and publically available clip art makes your logo common and familiar with so many other things out there.

Therefore, never incorporate universal clip art into your logo because others are using the same clipart somewhere else.

#3 Using An Online Logo Maker and Generator

Using an online logo maker can have its limitations, but can also create a great logo design for your business, they provide fonts and allow you to make changes. On most logo makers you can change fonts, colors and shapes until your logo is exactly the way you want it.

You can find free logo makers and creators online and pay a small fee to download your logo and begin to use it. The good logo makers will allow you to instantly download the high resolution vector files. Here’s an example

#4 Integrating Photographs in Your Logo Design

Photographs have different colors and shapes. Thus they are too complex to include in your logo design. Logos should be flexible and straightforward to allow easy and smooth application on diverse mediums.

Furthermore, photos do not scale properly, and hence they distort when resized, and the best logo design should still look good and clear at any size.

However, photographs can work well in brandings such as brochures and websites.  You can also use them for inspiration to visualize the form and shape you need your logo to take.

#5 Designing Your Logo as Per the Trends

Everything has a trend at any given time, and you might make a mistake of designing your logo as per the current trend. A trending logo is good at that particular time when it’s at the top. But with time, it becomes overtaken by taste, and it starts to look outdated in the eyes of your customers.

A good logo should survive and move with the changing times.  However, over time you might need to upgrade or update your logo to catch-up with technology and when rebranding.

#6 Inadequate Research

You should carry out thorough research to identify the most relevant colors that represent your brand well. Use color psychology and choose colors that distinguish your brand from the competitors while at the same time conveying the right feelings to your customers.

A good logo should be dominant, even in black and white.

The other aspect you should research is the font to use as some fonts are too standard.  Choose a unique font, avoid handwritten text and don’t mix several different fonts as this will make your logo hard to comprehend.

Therefore, you should carry out thorough research before embarking on designing your own logo. The research will help you to create a unique and recognizable logo that speaks your brand.

Avoid Common Mistakes When Designing Your Logo

You should avoid the above things when designing your own logo to ensure you achieve the best logo possible.

Carry out proper market research, avoid replicating other logos, stay away from online platforms, and don’t use commonly available images and arts.

However, you can still hire a professional logo designer to design a logo for you.

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