A Guide to Investing in 2020

The world of investment is a very lucrative market, but it isn’t one without its risks. In order to gain a serious monetary return, you need to be aware of where you’re putting your hard-earned cash, and how much return you can expect to see. Some investment methods also have a set amount of time before a return is feasible, meaning certain investments are more about the long haul than immediate reward.

It’s essential to take your time when choosing the right investment for your money and research your options.

Your Investment Options

The Stock Market

This is the most popular option for investment. There are many stocks to choose from, some of which may be relatively recent progressions such as cannabis stocks, resulting in you owning a part of a certain company when buying a share of the stock. The value of your stock will fluctuate depending on the success of the company, such as increasing in value over time.

You also have the option of selling your shares in a company at a later date once they increase in value, meaning you will receive a significant amount more than what you originally paid for them.

Investment Bonds

Investment bonds operate on the basis of your monetary investment acting as a loan for a company, though, in some cases, it may also be the government. This company – or the government – will sell you a bond, and then proceed to pay you an interest amount for the course of the bond’s life. You also have the option to buy foreign bonds.

Although investment bonds are considered a safer option than the stock market, it’s possible that investment bonds will see a significantly lower return.

The Property Market

Investment in property can be as serious as you require it to be. By purchasing a house that you intend to live in as a personal or family home, you are making an investment through a lifestyle choice and may see a profit if you come to sell your home and upgrade or change your living situation.

However, if you are serious about investing in the property market, you would be best advised purchasing houses with the purpose of flipping them and gaining a high profit. For this, you need to have a good knowledge regarding the property market.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funding requires you to purchase more than one stock at any one time, which are then managed by a mutual fund manager. They will charge a fee when you first take out your mutual fund investment for the service of choosing and managing your mutual funds.

Unfortunately, this fee does make it unlikely that you will see a profit in the stock market, compared to traditionally investing in stocks.

A Traditional Savings Account

An easy investment opportunity is to simply put your money into a savings account, and earn your profit based on the interest accrued. Nevertheless, this can be a long process in terms of building up a substantial amount of interest, as often the interest rate on savings accounts is very low.


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