Jul 09

How the Internet affects students performance and behavior

Description: The Internet has become one of the most important things in modern life. However, with so many benefits, it still has some negative impact on students.

With technological evolvement, the use of the Internet has become as vital as never before. All teens and young people can`t get their gadgets off their hands even for a minute, playing video games, chatting in social networks, and using the Internet`s capabilities to the fullest. Continue reading

Jul 01

Transfer WhatsApp from old iPhone to iPhone SE 2020 without iTunes

Transfer WhatsApp from old iPhone to iPhone SE 2020

When the time comes for you to get the new iPhone SE 2020, you’ll surely want to move as much of the data from your old iPhone over to your new device as you can. Have you ever wondered how to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone SE? We all don’t want to lose all the important conversations and chats which have shared with our contacts. So how? Here are 4 simple methods that instruct how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone and we will discuss and compare them all in this tutorial. Continue reading

Jul 01

Common Mistakes Made When Building Business Apps

New applications are emerging by the day, and some have made it into the must-have bracket on the entrepreneur’s phone. Businesses are creating their service apps, too, and customers are actively migrating to brands that have complementary apps for their services. You may have thought about this yourself and probably wondered if there are subtleties you need to pay attention to. Below are common mistakes that people make when building mobile apps for their businesses. Continue reading