Best background checking software used in Australia for 2020

Modern technology is a lifesaver for Human Resources professionals as it allows them to do their work faster and better. The best background checking software of 2020 are online tools that offer integrated solutions for reference checking and background checks. Let’s have a look at the various software HR managers have at their disposal. 

Criminal history checks

Police checks have always been a thorny issue with both HR managers and job applicants as such checks used to be time-consuming and involved too much red tape.

In 2020, when the pandemic hit, Australian businesses were forced to resort to online background checks and it was just as well that there are plenty of such services available.

Now, online background checks can be done on your laptop or even on your mobile phone, with no need to go to a police station or waste any time.

To be allowed to access police databases in all Australian states and territories such bodies need to be accredited with the federal government as they will be handling confidential information. Being accredited with the federal government means that the police checks performed by such agencies are 100% valid and are just as good as a document obtained at the local police station. HR professionals should make sure that they read the terms and conditions of Australian criminal history checks  and familiarise themselves with the requirements before they ask a large number of candidates to undergo those checks.

Reference checks

Another important part of a recruiting agent’s job is to check the educational background and the employment history of the applicant. This is a very tedious process and sometimes quite frustrating, especially when it turns out a school listed by a prospective employee doesn’t exist anymore or if a company he used to work for has gone out of business.

Online tools can take the burden of the HR manager’s shoulders and the results are very fast.

The secret is that such software programs are connected to huge databases they can access in seconds. Why waste time tracking down the archives of a company that doesn’t exist anymore if there’s a software that can do this in minutes?

Social media checks

The year 2020 saw the rise of many new companies that provide social media checks for pre-hire screening. This is also something that HR managers could do themselves, but such companies use artificial intelligence which can process a lot of information in a very short time. Also, the software can be tailored to limit itself to collecting only the kind of information that can be considered relevant for an employer, so the HR cannot be faulted for breach of privacy.

Right to work checks

A right to work check is commonly referred to as a VEVO – Visa Entitlement Verification Online check in Australia. The check examines an individual’s work rights directly from the Department of Home Affairs’ database. It is one of the easier checks to obtain as all you need for a vevo Australia is the applicant’s passport details. Penalties can exceed tens of thousands of dollars for employers that hire workers without legal work rights.

The advantages of background screening software

What made background screening software so popular in 2020 is the fact that all the programs and the apps are customizable, so they can be used by small or big businesses just as well.

Most apps or websites offer plans tailored to the needs of their clients so businesses don’t end up paying for what they don’t need.

Using AI-based software for background checks allows HR departments to work more efficiently and free up their time to dedicate it to their other tasks.

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