Best Instagram Tools to Get More Followers, Likes, and Sales

Instagram is no longer a choice when it comes to business marketing. It’s a necessity for any business that wants to excel. But, having to manage another social media account can be a challenge. That’s particularly the case because Instagram has less text room, and it’s more focused on image-based content. Nevertheless, several apps and tools make getting more followers, likes, and sales easier on this platform. For instance, you can use an Instagram likes app or other apps that make analyzing the audience and creating engaging posts easier.

Instagram Apps or Tools for Filtering Pictures

Several apps or tools for filtering images exceed the native filters provided by Instagram. They enable users to have great-looking pictures that they can post to their feeds. Some of these apps and tools include:


VSCO is a tool and a community of creators. It gives users the editing power that enables them to enhance the overall appearance of their photos. With this tool, you can give your photos double-exposure. That’s because you can feature them on the VSCO app and Instagram. It’s a free tool that most of your friends might be using to enhance their Instagram photos.


This is an app that enables users to Photoshop their faces before they post photos on Instagram. This tool has been used extensively to edit and post close-ups or interviews of employees. It’s also a great tool for editing business photos like those of a salon.


This is an awesome app that enables users to unleash their creativity. Using this app, you can edit photos to give them the other-worldly appearance. It’s a great tool for small businesses without a professional photographer. That’s because no special skills are required to use it to edit photos before posting them.


This Instagram tool is almost the same as Enlight. It’s a perfect tool for Instagram users that need more filters than Instagram provides. It boasts of 74 unique filters, 78 natural textures, and 128 frames.


Scheduling Tools for Instagram Promotion

When running a business Instagram account and a personal account, scheduling tools are great for planning out your posts’ calendar. Here are some of the Instagram marketing scheduling tools to consider.


This Instagram marketing scheduling tool can be used to sync up different accounts. Instagram has also incorporated it. Although it can’t be used to schedule posts directly, it allows users to respond to Instagram posts’ comments, view likes, and repost.


Instagram integrates this app, and it can be set up to notify the user when they have a pre-written caption and edited photo that is saved to the clipboard. Thus, the user can easily post it to their feed.


This Instagram scheduling tool is marketed as an ultimate scheduler for Instagram. It can be used to manage everything, including multiple accounts positing, reposting, editing photos, and commenting. The best aspect of this tool is that it’s easy to operate from a desktop. This is important because nobody wants to be bent over their mobile screen while working.


This is awesome and easy to use marketing tool for Instagram. It enables users to plan their posts’ calendar visually. It is a great tool for a social media platform that’s mainly about visuals. It’s among the few platforms allowing users to post their content in real-time.

Promotional Tools for Instagram Advertising

These are the tools that most people need to promote their e-commerce businesses on this platform. When running an e-commerce business, most people desire to have prospects and customers find and buy what they are selling. Here are some of the tools that can be used to promote or market a business on Instagram.

Soldsie, Like2Buy, and Foursixty

It’s annoying to find something that a person desperately desires to purchase on Instagram yet it’s not an advertisement. As such, a person cannot click on it. But, the post tells you that the bio has a link to that product. Unfortunately, the link was included two weeks ago. Therefore, it’s no longer available. That means you can’t find or buy the product.

Soldsie, Like2Buy, and Foursixty are Instagram tools for marketing that allow users to turn on their content into great shoppable galleries. This is something that most people pay for via Facebook advertising. And, the good thing is that big names are behind these brands. These tools are great for online jewelers and clothing boutiques among other online businesses.

Facebook Power Editor

With this tool, you can easily turn your Facebook adverts into Instagram ads. This became possible since the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook.

Instagram Analytics Tools/Apps

Instagram analytics tools/apps enable users to see how their posts are performing. These are great tools for watching your following grow on this platform. Some of the Instagram analytics apps/tools to consider include:


This is a marketing tool for Instagram that helps the user control their followers. It enables a user to know their followers and the people they are following back. What’s more, it shows how the user’s account compares to those of others when it comes to influencing. This is a perfect tool for anybody that wants to grow their Instagram following.


This is an excellent tool for organizing and scheduling tasks. It also enables the user to identify the ideal influencers for their businesses. This is something that can be quite powerful when it comes to growing a brand on this platform.

Other tools/apps that can be used to analyze the following, organize and schedule tasks on Instagram include SproutSocial, SocialInsight, and Ink361.

The Bottom Line

With more than one billion active monthly users, Instagram is among the most popular social media networks globally. Unfortunately, this platform is under-utilized when it comes to doing business. That’s because it requires more effort to create amazing photos and posts. Nevertheless, using the best Instagram tools can get you more followers, likes, and sales. That’s because these tools make creating quality content for Instagram easier.

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