Best quit smoking apps in 2019

My friend once joked that quitting smoking was as tough as learning Chinese. Indeed, like with the foreign language quest, it’s great if you have some solid support.

Applications for quitters are quite popular these days. And we don’t need to look for statistics to see how much people try to give up smoking. Just take a look at the number of downloads of these applications. But as with any other genre of apps, there’re some awful products and really cool ones. Here’s the list of top 5 apps that can make you closer to the smoke-free life.

  1. Vapemate (for iOS).

Using vape pens is the latest trendy thing in quitting cessation. Vaping is safer and cheaper. And studies show that it’s twice as effective as NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) products.

If you decided to get the best vape pen (Vapingdaily gives more details) and try to stop lighting tobacco cigarettes with its help, then the Vapemate is just what you need. This simple app was designed for smokers who want to switch to vaping.

The Vapemate can measure your non-smoking time and calculate savings to boost your motivation. You’ll be able to check how long it has been since you started vaping/stopped smoking, the number of cigarettes you’ve avoided since the quit day, and dollars you’ve saved.

The app also counts the initial cost of a vape pen and other vaping paraphernalia, and then the average cost of vaping per week. You’ll be able to compare and see for yourself that using an electronic smoking device is cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes.

  1. Smoke Free (for Android and iOS).

According to the developers, this app uses “established techniques delivered creatively and improved continually”. Some Free is actually a typical motivation app for smokers who wish to break their harmful habit by going “cold turkey”.

The app tracks a user’s quitting progress to encourage them to move on. It shows how long the user has been free from nasty cancer sticks. The calculator counts the money saved from avoiding smoking. Given the current prices for cigarettes, a nice sum will rack up rapidly.

For many, staying healthy is the main motivational power. Smoke Free shows how the user’s health is improving day by day. There’s a list of improvements in the app. And when you achieve one, you’ll be waiting for another few hours and days to pass so that you could reach the next level of cleaning your body from toxic chemicals.

Smoke Free is one of the few applications that are scientifically proven. Using a full version of the “Smoke Free” mobile application can double your chances of quitting.

  1. Quit Smoking Slowly (for Android)

Quitting can be a quick decision. But the process can drag on for months. Some smokers do it gradually. It can help you slowly cut the number of cigarettes smoked daily, cope with cessation stress and nicotine cravings, and let your body adapt to fewer cigs per day until you completely drop smoking.

Quit Smoking Slowly fits for this purpose perfectly. Download it on the Google Play Store, install, and make settings. Choose to start a new session and fill in the details, such as total cigarettes you used to smoke in a day, your goal (quitting or reducing smoking), target days, etc.

How does the app work? Let’s assume that you’re a pack-a-day smoker. That means that you light a cigarette approximately every 40 minutes (given that you have an 8-hours night sleep). So, you’ll specify the data when you want to quit completely, and the app will make other calculations for you. When the screen hits green, this means you can have a cigarette. Click to record your smoke break and wait for the next time when the screen goes green. You’ll find more information in the app.

Apart from this quitting plan, Quit Smoking Slowly counts the money you save by avoiding cigarettes and offers useful eye-opening tips and resources on tobacco.

  1. LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach (for Android and iOS)

This is the most feature-packed application. Like any other app, it will first ask you to specify your smoking experience. You’ll need to enter the period you’ve been smoking, the cost of the pack of cigarettes you buy, your age, specify the reason why you started smoking and the motive of giving up cigs, etc. You can also choose the preferable route – going cold turkey or gradually decrease your daily nicotine intake.

All this information is necessary for compiling a personalized “anti-tobacco” plan, motivation cards (hit the “Having A Craving” button and read a random tip on how to cope with the urge), and awards (badges). There’s also access to the community, which is quite large and active always to keep you motivated.

All you’ll need to do is to follow that plan. In some way, it reminds me of keeping up with a fitness plan. I can even say that to kick a smoking habit takes as much effort as getting your ass off the couch and going to the gym.

  1. Kwit (for Android and iOS).

The slogan on the app’s website is promising – “Be sure to never smoke again”. Kwit is quite a creative game-inspired app. It features game design, mechanics, and thinking. Such gamification brings an element of fun into quitting smoking.

At the same time, Kwit uses a scientific approach to smoking cessation. The developers employed the principles of behavioral and cognitive therapy and combined them with an original playful approach.

Kwit will keep typical statistics, such as the time you stay smoke-free, the sum of money you’ve saved, etc. You’ll make ticks every time you’ll successfully kill the desire to smoke. The app offers individualized strategies to overcome cravings. Just shake your phone and a motivational message will pop up.

You’ll also tick your occasional smoke breaks. And, as in a real game, if your results hit zero, you’ll have to start all over again. The mission of this game is to become the “Ultimate Kwitter”.

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