Jan 23

Do We Really Need HTML5 – Or We Are Just Instigated by Others

Last December, W3C claimed that the draft on HTML5 and Canvas 2D had been finalized, which is deemed to be a strong driving force for both HTML5 itself and those who are interested in it. Last year, Internet was overwhelmed with a lot of debates about whether HTML5 will replace Flash and become a new application development standard, and though Flash is still the mainstream, people increasingly believe that it is just a matter of time when this replacement happens. Is the demand of HTML5 a real deal, especially to developers and Internet users? Rather than making immediate conclusion, let us briefly compare the two products.


Since Macromedia released its first version in 1996, Flash has dominated Internet multimedia industry for over 15 years, and attracted a large number of web designers. Currently, about 97% browsers are equipped with Flash Player plug-in. But for Flash, we would not appreciate so many beautiful and interesting websites. As a mature development platform, Flash is propped up by many powerful programming tools, such as Adobe Flash CS Professional, which lowers the threshold of developing it.

Along with the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, surfing Internet with these portable devices became an inevitable trend. Unfortunately Flash does not perform well on them, because it overwhelms system resources and is too energy-consuming.

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Jun 15

Flash Stats of the Week—Rich Internet Application Usage

Today, we are going to share some stats about rich internet application usage. The stats compare the market penetration and global usage of popular web browser plug-ins including Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime, Microsoft Windows Media Player, Microsoft SilverLight and Java. You can check their usage trends in the past period of time via these stats.

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Jun 06

Flash Stats of the Week—Active Users Stats of Facebook Flash Games

Today, we are going to share some stats about Facebook Flash games. The stats show the active users, free Facebook games developed by Flash and top free Flash games in Facebook. It gives you an overall vision about Flash in Facebook games and why Flash still important in Facebook game development.

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May 30

Flash Stats of the Week—Monthly Sales Figures of Flash Game

Today, we are going to share some stats about Flash game sales. The stats demonstrate monthly sales figure of Flash games inside FlashGameLicense.com. It gives you a general look at the Flash game sales condition and Flash game demand in the market.

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May 24

Flash Stats of the Week—SWF Embed Usage Trends from Apr 11 to May 12

Today, we are going to share some stats about SWF usage. These stats demonstrate the usage trend of SWF embedded website, which gives you a clear vision about some aspects of web development in the past year.

Adobe Flash content usage trends

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May 15

Flash Stats of the Week—Flash Game Market Survey 2

In the last post, we’ve shared the first part of Flash game market survey stats; today, we are going to post the 2nd part. This part of stats mainly focused on Flash game devs & pubs, their mobile strategy, Flash game websites income and etc.

Mobile market is undergoing a rapid development in the recent years. The success of Angry Birds in last year proves the huge potential strength contained in mobile market. The trend also brings great impact on Flash game development. So what’s the devs & pubs’ response to the trend? Are they going to keep up with the date?

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May 09

Flash Stats of the Week—Flash Game Market Survey 1

“Flash Stats of the Week” is another column of Sothink Blog. We are going to pick up any stats about Flash from internet in this column and share with our readers each week. We hope the stats are useful and practical information to your work, research, decision or anything else.

So without further ado, we are going to share the first post about Flash game market stats. We hope to give you a general and brief look about Flash game industry in the last year; so you can learn something for your own business. The second part of the article will be release next week.

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