Mar 05

How Broadband Is Changing Our Homes

It’s hard to imagine a time without broadband. A time when every room in the home wasn’t so connected with the outside world. Indeed, broadband has become such a big part of our lives at home that many of us have begun to take it for granted. Those who have teenaged children will likely notice how they tend to regard a high-speed internet connection with about the same importance of a steady supply of oxygen. What’s more, with the oncoming rollout of 5G and the increasing presence of IoT (Internet of Things) enabled devices in the home and the workplace, we’re only ever going to get more connected in the coming years.  Continue reading

Mar 04

Connected Car Applications – Things to Watch Out For

When it comes to connected cars and their applications then this is a new area that is being developed. As the number of connected vehicles on the road is increasing then this is changing the way in which solutions for vehicles are being delivered. Though if you are looking to develop applications for a connected vehicle, ensure you check out Infovista’s connected car checklist. to make sure you don’t miss anything. Continue reading

Mar 03

Advantages of having a trademark

If you are working on your business’ development, eventually you’ll face the fact that you need your own trademark. It doesn’t matter whether you provide services or some product, in order to help people distinguish you from your competitors, the brand’s own trademark is your best decision.

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Mar 01

Search Engine Optimization in 2020: Your Short Guide

Anyone working in digital marketing knows that SEO isn’t a static field of information and practice. Whenever Google changes their algorithms and updates their search engine systems, they move the goal posts for all SEO marketers, meaning that much of the work that they’ve done to boost a website up Google’s rankings may be null and void.

It’s in this sense that SEO boosting in 2020 requires up to date knowhow and sustainable practice – as advised in the short guide provided below. Continue reading

Feb 28

10 Best Resources for Students to Become a Programmer

Students are always looking for self-improvement or ways to make a quick buck. Student loans are expensive and student life can cost a pretty penny as well.

Learning programming is easy and can be low cost or free. Besides, it provides you with a modern, tech-savvy employment option if your chosen career doesn’t pan out.

If you’re interested in becoming a programmer, here are ten of the best resources to help you get there. Continue reading

Feb 28

Can I really trust VPN providers with my data?

One of the main reasons people choose to sign up with a VPN provider is for the added security it brings when browsing the internet. With a Virtual Private Network behind you, any information you send over the internet is encrypted. This means even if it is intercepted no one can read it as it does not make sense. It gives anonymity online. However, this raises the question of whether you can trust providers to keep you secure and not spy on you themselves. Continue reading

Feb 26

5 Ways Managed IT Services Can Help Your Business

Every business of the twenty-first century needs IT services to function properly. You won’t be able to compete in the market without the help of technology. Most companies do their work with the help of computer devices and use various IT services to efficiently process each task. While many people choose to build an IT structure and department within their company, a more preferred option is acquiring managed services.

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