Dec 18

Sothink Web Video Downloader ! [NEW]


Web Video Downloader 1.0 build 71113

Sothink Web Video Downloader, a convenient video downloader, can detect any live video from internet, capture video, download video and save video to your hard disk for offline enjoyment. It enables you to capture and download Flash videos (flv) from popular video websites such as YouTube, MSN, Google, etc. It also supports downloading video in other formats (swf, wmv, asf, avi, mov, mp4, m4v, 3gp, rm, rmvb, etc.) from most video hosting sites and blogs. The intelligent video monitor, provided by Sothink Web Video Downloader, can detect any online videos played in your browser, and prompt you to download video with one-click.

Main Features

  • Be able to download video easily from YouTube, MSN, Google and many other video sites and blogs.
  • Intelligently monitor and capture videos in all browsers.
  • Enable you to preview the captured video in the notification window before you download it.
  • Support downloading multiple files simultaneously.
  • Support resuming broken or paused downloads.
  • Provide built-in Flash Video Player for instant video preview.
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    Nov 28

    Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller 1.0 is released!

    Get more details | Free download | View its samples 
    Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller is released! It create attractive and functional scrollers for your web site in minutes, without writing a single line of code!

    Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller makes it easy to create a variety of horizontal scrollers for ads, events, news, slide shows, and many other purposes. Scrollers created with this program can have traditional controls such as clicking arrows to scroll left or right. And scrolling can be automatic too. There can be multiple scrollers on a page, and there are no limits to the number of items that can be included in a scroller. Scroller items can include images, text, a combination of images and text, or HTML code. Items can include links and popup tips, and scrollers can consist of multiple pages. The appearance of scrollers is completely configurable, and scrolling speed is adjustable. Scrollers created by Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller will automatically detect the browser’s window size and automatically adjust the size accordingly.

    The generated scroller is compatible with most major browsers, including IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Netscape and Mozilla both on Mac and PC.


  • Cross browser compatibility
  • User-friendly interface with live preview
  • Creates scroller including pure text , images or a combination of both of them, with no limitations on the number of images
  • All the images are pre-loaded
  • Drag and drop thumbnails in the List panel to adjust the order of items quickly
  • Choose auto scroll option or click the arrow button to spring scrolling
  • Scrollers created by the program will automatically detect the browser’s window size and automatically adjust the size
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    Sep 30

    Sothink SWF Easy (original name: Glanda) has been released

    Sothink SWF Easy (original name: Glanda) has been released in Sep.29.

    Free Download       More Info      View Samples made by SWF Easy

    New featrues:

    • Support background scene to set uniform background corresponding to
      foreground scenes.
    • Support importing video.
    • Support importing a swf file as a single movie clip.
    • Support selecting version of exported swf file.
    • Support Action Script 2.0.
    • Added an effect — Typing.
    • Added more resources.
    Aug 09

    Sothink DHTML Menu 8.0 is Released!

    Here comes a good news: Sothink DHTML Menu 8.0 is Released!
    File size: 5.09 MB
    Build number: 70807
    Release date: 8th August, 2007
    Download now!

    Function Enhanced:
    • Brand-new interface has improved the fashionable skin, the reasonable layout and handy editing
    • Full Edit Mode enables to edit and preview menu in the preview window directly; double-click menu item to edit its text in preview window; the modification can be synchronized between preview window and Menu Tree panel
    • Set Resource Folder for resources files to make the same menu display exactly in multi-page of different folders; and preview the menu locally or on the web
    • Simplify Publishing to insert the menu into the page easier; auto-generate menu code; copy and paste resource files used in the menu into the specific folder
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    Jun 27

    Download Flash Video from YouTube and other online video site!

    Web Video Downloader for Firefox
    Sothink Web Video Downloader for Firefox

    Latest Version: 3.0 (Build 70621)

    File Size: 2,018 KB

    Release Date: June 21st, 2007

    Sothink Web Video Downloader for Firefox

    What will it do for you?

    Sothink Web Video downloader for Firefox is a simple and small Firefox extension (add-on) for you to quickly capture and download web videos (FLV/SWF) and Flash files from internet. You can use it to download streaming Flash videos, embedded Flash videos, FLV video clips, Flash SWF files, Flash games, etc. Web Video Downloader can work as a YouTube video downloader, Google video downloader, video blog (vlog) downloader, FLV downloader, SWF downloader to help you collect fabulous videos from Web with ease.

    What’s more, to order Sothink Web Video Downloader, you will get FREE Bonus Software:

    * Sothink SWF Catcher for Firefox

    * Sothink Flash Video Player

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    Jun 12

    Sothink Glanda 4.2 is released

    Sothink Glanda 4.2 (Build: 70608)

    • Support freely editing the flip album generated from Flip template of Album wizard.
    • Support importing GIF images.
    • Support dragging objects up or down in Timeline to change Z-order.
    • Support locking/unlocking an object to avoid making unnecessary changes for it.
    • Support setting transparency for a specified color in a shape filled with a bitmap.
    • Added more Shape and Background resources.

    Size: 25.8MB

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    Jun 05

    Sothink FLV Player is Released–Free!

    Latest Version: 1.0 (Build 70604)

    File Size: 1,376 KB

    Release Date: June 5th, 2007

    Sothink FLV Player, also known as Flash Video Player, is a 100% free FLV Player. This flash video player can play all files with an FLV extension(*.flv). The powerful FLV Player can play FLV video files encoded by different codecs, including Screen Video, Sorenson H. 263, on2 vp6, etc. It is a small-sized and easy-to-use FLV Player. By double-clicking flv files or dragging and dropping them to the window of FLV Player, you can enjoy downloaded flash videos offline at any time you like. Click to see more information >>>

    Apr 16

    NEW! The Command-Line Version of our Flash Video Converter is available!


    Latest Version: 1.0 (Build 70411)
    File Size: 4,856 KB
    Release Date: April 13th, 2007

    Free Download

    Sothink Video Encoder for Adobe Flash Command-Line version lets you use the encoder for batch conversions, server applications/scripts (PHP, ASP, PERL and etc.), or other certain task when you would prefer the program to accomplish it automatically without the graphical user interface. Sothink Video Encoder for Adobe Flash converts various formats of videos into good quality Flash Video (FLV file) in a high speed. Almost all common video formats are supported.

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    Apr 16

    Sothink Free Menu Add-ins

    With Dreamweaver

    Sothink DHTML Menu can be used in Dreamweaver as an extension. After the extension is installed, DHTMLMenu will be added to Dreamweaver’s menubar as illustrated in the picture.

    With a few clicks, you can accurately insert a menu to your desired position in design mode. You can also easily edit the menu later.

    Library and Template are fully supported, so you can edit a menu and let Dreamweaver update all the relevant pages automatically.

    Download extension here >>

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