Create Christmas Card by Sothink SWF Easy

Here are two excellent Flash cards for Christmas greeting made by Sothink SWF Easy from customers.

Below is one made by ghol:

 View full version here>>

Thanks for ghol. Besides the amazing animated Christmas card, he also shared the resources used in his Flash artwork. He is so sweet to give the wish for all the joys of this beautiful season.

Click here to download the Flash card for Christmas made by ghol>>

Below is one made by Robin Hood:

It is really appreciated that Robin Hood brought sincere Christmas wishes together with his wonderful Christmas card.

Click here to download the Christmas card made by Robin Hood>>

Both two Flash Christmas cards are created by Sothink SWF Easy and are added text effect, action script, scene and background music. It is very glad to know that SWF Easy really helped users to create Flash animation and brought joys.

It is hoped that more and more Flash fans would like to choose Sothink SWF Easy to create Flash Christmas cards and send special Christmas gifts.

Merry Christmas!

Sothink SWF Easy offers numbers of free resources for Christmas, click here to download>>

Wanna use trial for 30 days? Link to download Sothink SWF Easy 6.0>>

7 thoughts on “Create Christmas Card by Sothink SWF Easy

  1. Thanks for posting. What a great idea – it’s amazing what you can pull off with flash these days. I think my kids will love this!

  2. I would love to be able to produce something like this for our corporate clients..they would love it. I may just get one of our web designers onto this.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Graham McAndrew

  3. “Remember the victims of great injustice and terrorism allover the world, no matter the country where you live.
    May your heart be filled with love and peace in these days, no matter what religion you believe in.”

    Awesome cards and an even nicer message from Robin Hood’s forum post. It made me smile. Maybe even people with SAD won’t feel so sad. If only…

    Sally Stephenson
    Insomnia Revealed