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Some brick and mortar shop owners think that they can get away without a website because of their physical store location. However, the reality is that consumers usually turn online when they want to know about a business. Even for simple matters like finding the location or the phone number, the fastest way to get that information is through google my business. 

People seek the convenience of finding out all of the information they want quickly and with 24/hour convenience. No one can skip the step of setting up a website for his or her business; it has become the standard of any professional business owner.

You can easily set up a business website using a website builder, or if your budget is more flexible, you may consider using a website designer. If you use a website builder like, you get free hosting, you can choose a domain name and set-up a custom email address for your business. Choosing a domain that suits your business is important because it is the face of your business. Your domain name should give an idea to the searcher about what you are offering.

A custom email address quickly associates you with your business. This helps to avoid confusion for searchers, as they can easily identify your connection to the site. In addition, it looks more professional than a personal email account – and allows more than one person to have access to the address.

Once you have the foundations of your business website, you should try to start driving traffic to your website. One of the best ways to drive traffic is through a blog. Here are some of the reasons why you should include a blog on your website.

Benefits of having a blog

There are hundreds of benefits of having a blog, but below are seven reasons why you need to start a blog or integrate a blog into your website:

  1. Humans are addicted to information

As human beings, we are programmed to seek information. And one of the best ways to serve information properly is via easily accessible web pages. Providing adequate information daily will attract people who need such information. This way you can let people know of your ideas, you can promote your business, you can educate people, and so on.

  1. Blogging contents are flexible

The flexibility of blog content makes it suitable to share any kind of information. Furthermore, a blog can contain information in various categories. For example, a blog can feature a category for sports, politics, religion, business, etc. all at the same time. And it can also focus on a particular category or entity, such as when integrated with a business or organizational website. Blogs can accommodate various types of contents such as video, photographs, text, and combinations of these types.

  1. Blogging provides feedback

Information is a process that is incomplete without feedback; when you pass information, you expect people to either act on it or respond to it. So when you pass information across to your readers (or in a business context, across to your existing customers and potential customers), blogs allow them to respond via the comment section. Well-designed blog pages can restrict the set of people that are allowed to leave feedback, and this option can be activated or not.

  1. Blogging boosts SEO

Every time you search a keyword or a phrase on popular search engines like Google, Bing, etc. what happens at that particular time is that the search engine algorithms explore millions of websites to extract the needed information. What favors some websites over others is how the information is structured on them. Unlike other types of websites, blogs arrange information synchronously, and each piece of information has a title, categories, tags, slugs, among other characteristics of blog contents – making the content easier to read and pull.

  1. Blogging boosts creativity and productivity

When there is adequate feedback from readers of your blog, you tend to know what the majority of them want to learn more about. Then you can easily work in that direction to improve your content and increase engagement or conversion. Take a business blog for example; you reviewed a product or service on a blog, and people responded with what they like or dislike about the product. It will be quite easy to improve the product from the feedback received.

  1. Blogs are simple to start or integrate

Unlike other type websites, creating a stand-alone blog or integrating one into an already existing website is easy. There are hundreds of ready-made blogging scripts on the internet to install. Most popular and efficient of these blogging scripts are open-source (you can use then free of charge and without any license). Even, paying a web developer to create a blog from scratch is not as expensive as creating other types of websites. Blogs can also be integrated into an already-existing website or hosted as a stand-alone website primarily for passing information.

  1. Blogging is in trend

People have been blogging for a while, and they are already feeling the positive effects for a long time. There is a reason that something stays in style – it’s because it works!  You should not be left out.


We hope that this article has enlightened you on starting a business website and the benefits of blogging! Good luck on your website, and happy blogging.

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