Export Flash Banner to GIF format

Want to export SWF to GIF format? This can be easily done in Sothink SWF Easy.It is useful for those who need GIF format from a flash banner but do not want to recreate a new image.

Animated GIF banner can be substituted for flash banner in some way. Because of its small size and image format, GIF banners can be easily published to webpages, and they won’t run the risk of being blocked by ad filters, either. Usually the GIF file is created by some professional image editor, which is not so easy for the beginners to operate. So we suggest you try our flash banner maker – Sothink SWF Easy: Just go to File > Export Movie and save it as GIF format, but the precondition is that you have completed a flash banner work in Sothink SWF Easy.

For example, this is the original flash banner:

The image below is the GIF file that we have got from the flash banner:

Now Sothink SWF Easy 6.4 is released! Please check the main features of Sothink SWF Easy as follows:

• Offer 60 ad banner templates of eight colors and four sizes which comply with general industry specs
• The templates are classified by themes, sizes and colors, so you can select what you need quickly
• Offer 60+ animated Flash effects
• Offer advanced editing tools such as Transform and Reshape
• Generate HTML code to embed your banner in a web page
• Support multiple scenes – main scene and auxiliary scene, to manage the project in a better way
• Support Action Script 2.0 and Component for advanced Flash banner designers
• Offer hundreds of graphic or image resources
• Support keyword search. You will get all the elements relevant to FROG if you search with the keyword FROG
• Extract resources from SWF files and add the resources into the library

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