Flash Chat version 1.01 is released !


Flash Chat 1.0 was released in June. With its cool designs and practical functions, it becomes many customers’ first choice for website chat. Flash Chat 1.0 is popular not just for its great quality and also for its much cheaper price compared with other website chat products. So why it is so? That is becuse when we developed this product, we desinged its server optional, FMS or Red5. We recommend Red5 because it is an open source product and totally free to down load. Based on this, you will get the same result but pay much less.

Following up Chat 1.0, we have developped the product functions in many ways. Chat 1.0 is an advanced feature rich website chat which offers the user enjoyable chatting experience with its funny smiley, animations and real-time doodle. Besides this, we optimized the administration and management functions, and we will continue focusing on the product and if you have any question about Flash Chat welcome to contact us support@flashpioneer.com

For more information, please check our offical website: www.flashpioneer.com

8 thoughts on “Flash Chat version 1.01 is released !

  1. Nice features with videostreamming camera support. As an server hosting center we would like more facilities like 1-to-1 customer services. Imagine a world where we just talk with customers who selected can see us and talk by the Internet. Thanks !