Flash Downloader for Chrome—Big Help from Small Add-on

We are very happy to announce the new product release of Flash Downloader for Chrome V1.0.24. Flash Downloader for Chrome is small, but it brings big help. And, of course, it’s free!

Flash Downloader for Chrome is a light weighted add-on to Google browser; it supports saving Flash SWF from Chrome 15+. You can save various kinds of Flash SWF to local, such as Flash movie, game, banner, cartoon and etc.


Why do we release Flash Downloader for Chrome?

After 17 months of continuous growth in browser market, Chrome surpassed Firefox as the second largest browser at the end of last year. Recently, Google penalizes itself for paid links about Chrome, it experienced a slight drop on market share at the first quarter of this year, which overtakes 18.57%. We can see the fierce fighting between Chrome and Firefox over the second place.



Google announced 200 million active users for Chrome at the end of last year. So theoretically, more than 200 million users make contact with Flash daily. Supposed that only a part of 200 million need SWF, there is still a huge group of people.

So in order to meet the demand for Chrome users for Flash SWF catching, we release Flash Downloader for Chrome for free. It brings big help for all users who have something to do with Flash.

How to use Flash Downloader for Chrome?

Well, the download and installation are fast and easy. It only takes a few clicks within 30 seconds (Download Chrome Flash Downloader), so no extra nonsense.

After completing the installation, there will be a product button at the right corner of your Chrome.




Open any page with Flash SWF. Flash Downloader for Chrome will catch all the SWFs on the current page automatically. Click product button, all the SWFs are shown in the list.



Click one SWF you interested in, the SWF will be shown in a new page. Please be noted that the URL is ended up with .swf. So you can save SWF file into local by Ctrl+S.



Bingo! The operation can’t be easier, right? Flash Downloader for Chrome can be used on any webpage in Chrome; regardless of animation, game, advertisement, banner or cartoon, as long as it is a SWF, it catches all kinds of SWF for different uses like design, teaching, learning and etc.

Users will be lucky if he had Sothink SWF Decompiler. With Sothink SWF Decompiler, he is capable of advanced SWF operation. Let’s say you have downloaded an awesome SWF from Chrome and you would like to personalize it a bit and modify some of its parameters or settings. Normally, this is not possible, as the SWF file has already been compiled and the project files are not available. But Sothink SWF Decompiler can solve this problem. It is able to decrypt virtually any SWF file and display all the original files that were used in the project, allowing the user to save them using various settings. More info about Sothink SWF Decompiler.

Meanwhile, we’ve also upgraded Flash Downloader for Safari to V1.0.79. The operation is similar with Flash Downloader for Chrome.

You are welcome to use Chrome Flash Downloader.

And Safari Flash Downloader.

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