Flash Stats of the Week—Flash Game Market Survey 2

In the last post, we’ve shared the first part of Flash game market survey stats; today, we are going to post the 2nd part. This part of stats mainly focused on Flash game devs & pubs, their mobile strategy, Flash game websites income and etc.

Mobile market is undergoing a rapid development in the recent years. The success of Angry Birds in last year proves the huge potential strength contained in mobile market. The trend also brings great impact on Flash game development. So what’s the devs & pubs’ response to the trend? Are they going to keep up with the date?

Although majority answered “no”, online game developers are branching out. The number is increasing.

Compare to 2010, the interest in mobile platform is still extremely high. After browser, mobile is the most popular category for current devs; it is also the most popular platform for “next year”. 83% currently pr plan to develop for mobile.


Android is the top mobile target, followed by iOS.


At present, the situation is browser first, mobile second; but clearly, devs tend to create mobile versions of their games after first creating a Flash version for the browser. However, as mobile is rapidly developing, mobile priority is going to play important role in their strategy.


Mobile revenue sources: app sales No.1, ads No.2


Devs are still learning how best to monetize their mobile games; there is still a room to grow.


Compare to the previous year, full-time site creation is decreasing almost 16%.


Pubs are getting more experienced. Compare to previous year, “2-5 years” category increased 6%, while “less than 1 year” decreased.


Pubs continue multiple sites trend. “1-2 sites” category (-8%) and “21+ sites” (-2.5%) category decreased; “3-5” and “6-10” saw small increases. The general trend to have more than 1 or 2 sites seems to be continuing.


Because Adobe announced stop mobile Flash Player development, few sites are optimized for mobile devices.


Many small portals make us a big industry. Most of the traffic numbers have decreased, with the exception of the “0-200k” (+3.5%). The general distribution of the answers is approximately the same.


Portal owners continue to work together. “Small team” decreased with 7.5% while all other categories increased, most notably “Myself” increased 8%. Historically, this is still a solid amount of collaboration for portal owners.


Ads lead revenue streams, downloadables rising. The reliance on ads has increased with 9%. Virtual goods have fallen off with 2%, replaced by downloadable games with 3% increase.


60% of pubs make less than $500/month. Aside from a small gain in the “$5,001-$10,000” category (+ 1%), all categories above $1,000 decreased.


On-site ads is still the No.1 revenue source, but has decreased by nearly 7%.


Almost 20% of pubs have unique game API’s.


Over 80% of portal owners create their own sites.


PHP is the most popular technology for pubs.


More investment in traffic drivers. Every category increased, with the biggest gain in “create your own games” with 22% increase. Paid ads also had a significant increase of 14%.


More than 11% of pubs also sponsor games, with a significant drop of 13% compare to the previous year. The average price for pubs only is much lower, but this could be sue to a small sample size. The dev-pubs average is very similar to 2010. It is clear that the high-dollar sponsors we see from the dev responses did not complete the survey.


Most pubs sponsor 1 game per month. Compare to the previous year, the most popoular response overwhelmingly shifted from “2-3” to “1”.


Existing relationships and FlashGame License drive sponsorships.


Fewer pubs licensing games, with over a 5% drop. Of the two pubs types, only dev-pubs indicated that they license games.


Traffic and revenue increased.


Top info sources: Google, forum and blogs.

The stats in Flash Games Market Survey draw a picture of an industry that is maturing and thriving, with plenty of room to grow as developers continue to innovate and expand to new platforms. We hope you get some important and practical info for your plan.

Stat about Flash game market is going to an end. In the future of “Flash Stats of the Week”, we are going to share other stats of Flash industry. Keep stay with us.

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