Flash Tool of the Week—Alternative 3D

Today, we are going to share a Flash game development tool—Alternative 3D. It is a flash 3D engine that allows developers to create unique browser games, applications for social networks, projects and showcases.


Alternativa3D is a 3D engine that allows developers to work with 3D graphics and physics in Adobe Flash. It creates 3D-scene in flash: objects, mechanisms, buildings visualization; imports geometry from 3D-formats; and uploads textures. It is a good helper for creating multiplayer browser games, virtual worlds, demos and promotional projects.

Features—Flash 3D API support

Alternative 3D is a graphics engine. It supports Adobe Flash Player’s 3D API Molehill. Molehill is the codename for a new set of low-level, GPU-accelerated 3D APIs that will provide the necessary power to deliver advanced 3D experiences across screens using Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR.

Features—high performance

Due to GPU rendering, Alternativa3D can draw more than 3 million polygons with strong performance. Support of vertex and pixel shaders allows the creation of modern special effects such as lighting, shadows, particle systems, post-effects etc.


Uses mouse events similar to those used in Flash. The system takes into account hierarchy and options of containers. Optimized to work with high-poly models.

Features—Optimized textures for the GPU

The support of compressed texture format ATF (Adobe Texture Format) reduces the amount of video memory in use. It is especially important for mobile devices.

Features—High capacity data format

Special binary format reduces the amount of data required for sending over the network, and speeds up scene loading in the engine. You can export models to this format right form 3DS Max, using special plug-in.


Alternative 3D is a free and powerful game development tool on Flash platform. It is capable of creating 3D Flash games with high performance. The games created by Alternative 3D have excellent game experience. It is a must have tool for Flash game developers.

More info about Alternative 3D

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