Flash Tool of the Week—FlashEff

Today, we are going to share an easy to use tool—FlashEff. It is a Flash component and interactive tool that enables high quality transition effects in Adobe Flash. It helps you to create visually stunning Flash effect without coding.


FlashEff is a Flash effect making tool. With over 3,000 effects preset in the program, it is capable of animating any object in Flash like text, image, movie clip and etc. You can create high quality effect to your Flash project without coding.

Features—70+ text effects

The major function of this program is to improve the way text appears in a SWF file. So the most exciting thing of FlashEff is that it has more than 70 spectacular Flash text effects. You are able to create outstanding animations on words, letters and lines in TextFields.

Features—high-quality patterns

The program has more than 100 effect patterns. You to create high quality effects by editing the settings of each pattern. It takes a little to find the right settings, but it brings uniqueness to your work. Most of the patterns can be combined to create complex animated objects.

FlashEff also provides over 3,000 preset effects. You can apply them to the object directly without setting.

Features—show/hide effects

Usually, it takes time and energy to create show/hide effects. In this software, you don’t have to spend days and nights to do so. It saves lots of your time to complete the task.

Features—symbol effects

These effects treat the entire object (symbol or text) as a whole. They can be applied on movie clips and text.


FlashEff is an ideal tool for designers who want to create complex and outstanding effects to Flash elements without the use of Flash timeline and ActionScript. You can build Flash effects by editing TextFields, MovieClips and images that can be very easy to modify. It is a huge time-saver.

More info about FlashEff.

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