Flash Tool of the Week—SWF Catcher

Today, we are going to share an easy to use tool—SWF Cather. Like the name implied, it is a professional tool that capable of catching Flash SWF file in an all-around way. With the help of this Flash saver software, no SWF may get hidden from your eyes. It has been awarded as “Essential Software” with 5 stars on Findmysoft.com.


SWF Cather is a tool that helps you catching Flash SWF file. The highlight of this tool is the ways it catches Flash. It is capable of grabbing SWF from browser cache, online, local file or app and current process. It is a handy helper for your Flash project.

Features—capture Flash online

As long as there’s a network connection, SWF Catcher can capture SWF online. Let’s suppose you are surfing on a cool Flash website or playing a funny online Flash game; and it feels so good that you wanna save it for other use; OK, this Flash saver helps you to do that (click the add-on button on the right upper corner of browser after installation); it capture every Flash SWF you watched.

Features—save SWF from browser cache

There are so many things in your browser cache. How to find a SWF in the countless files? This program detects all the SWF files from cache automatically and list in the working interface. It supports IE, Firefox and Chrome. You can have a clear preview for each of them.

Features—Search Flash from local files or apps

It searches SWF in executable files from local files including AIR, APK, Flash EXE and SWC. So if you are interested in Flash used in games or Android apps, you can use SWF Catcher grabbing Flash form it.

Features—spy Flash in process

Maybe there are lots of programs running on your computer right now, like browser, file document, apps and etc. The Flash catcher can run detection in any of current process after you clicked “Process Capture” button. You can select different section in the process.


This tool is suitable for all the people who engaged in Flash works like Flash designer, game developers, Flash teachers and students. Being capable of catching Flash in an all-around way, you can obtain interaction design idea for Flash site, enrich inspiration for Flash banner ads, find element for Flash design project or add resource to Flash game development.

Pros: light weight, easy to use, clear and simple interface, various ways to catch Flash.

Cons: do not support Safari and Opera.

More info about SWF Catcher

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