Flash Tools of the Week—Away3D

Today, we are going to share a Flash 3D tool—Away 3D. Away3D is a real-time 3D engine for Flash in ActionScript 3.0. The engine is open source under the Apache 2.0 license and is free to use for any projects.


Away3D is a powerful real-time 3D engine for developing mainly 3D applications such as Flash 3D games. It is an AS 3.0 open source library which only works on Flash Player 11.0 or above; and is still actively maintained by its community to keep adding new supports and features.

Features—file import and export

The tool supports importing (ASE, AWD, 3DS, MD2, Collada, MQO, KMZ and OBJ) and exporting (AS3 class, AWD, Elevation2AS3 and OBJ) several popular formats, including animated meshes.


Away3D provides 25+ useful primitives and a solid selection of material types. Standard primitives include Cube, Sphere, Cone, Cylinder, Torus, Billboard, Planes and etc. All the way down to LineSegments to Triangles. You can construct the ideal primitive by yourself.


The tool offers several renderers that offering varying degrees of complexity vs. speed.


In the latest version of Away3D, there is solid ActionScript API. It supports the latest Flash Player 11 with fully GPU accelerated graphics, freeing up the CPU for other computational tasks. Since Graphics Processing Units are capable of rendering many more textured triangles per second, it allows for much more detail and quality, and up to 100,000 triangles per frame instead of the typical 1,000.


Away3D is a must-have tool to create 3D effects for your Flash project. It has 3D graphic engine to render 3D models and perform various 3D computations. It takes the best advantage of Flash Player to run on modern web browsers.

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