Getting Free Software Resources from the FreeToDown Website

Hello, guys! Today I will introduce you a software resource download center – FreeToDown , from which you can find various popular software and extensions conveniently. Also, you can get the latest software or tech news, even the tutorials for learning some of the recommended software.

Please go to:, and then you can see the following interface:


As the above image shows, this FreeToDown website is classified into following seven columns:

: Lists the most important information about each column.

Freeware: Lists all of the free software and corresponding file sizes. You can choose to download.

Free Extension: Lists all of the free extensions for Firefox or IE and corresponding file sizes. You can choose to download.

Tutorials: Lists tutorials about the top-download software and extensions.

Tips & Tricks: Lists all kinds of useful tips and skills on the problems you may encounter in your daily life.

News: Shows the latest news about the website.

Forum: This is a place for you to communicate with site builders or other members of the website.

Also, there are some other important public items:

Search: You can use this function to find the software you need quickly.

Recommended software: The top-download software or other excellent ones recommended by the site administrator are listed here.

Contact us: If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send an e-mail to communicate with the site builders. Join the Forum is another good choice.

Newsletter: You can write down your e-mail address to subscribe free newsletters about this website.

Even though you can find rich free web resources here right now, the website still will add more and more resources for your convenience gradually.

If you do like this website, please add it to your Favorites.

2 thoughts on “Getting Free Software Resources from the FreeToDown Website

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  2. Thanks for the post, lots of great ideas for down loads here. I did try some of the free bee’s and thought they where very good