How the Internet affects students performance and behavior

Description: The Internet has become one of the most important things in modern life. However, with so many benefits, it still has some negative impact on students.

With technological evolvement, the use of the Internet has become as vital as never before. All teens and young people can`t get their gadgets off their hands even for a minute, playing video games, chatting in social networks, and using the Internet`s capabilities to the fullest. This is especially valuable for students: if earlier you had to spend hours in the library looking for relevant material for your essay, now you can do research much faster or just place a request «Do my math homework for me» and receive the final task. There is no student who can survive in college without the Internet, and it`s understandable. However, besides many benefits that it gives us, it still has a negative impact on our performance.

Pros and cons of Internet impact

Young people in this digital age have almost transformed into Internet slaves if to count the time spent on social networks, games, and research. From one side, it helps with homework (for example, with speedypaper promo codes, you can get a discount on ordering an essay). You can always send a request like «Can you do my math hw for me?» and get assistance with complicated Math tasks. Besides, the Internet is a powerful learning tool where you can easily find information on any topic to work on your school projects. Considering its benefits, we can point out:

1.Meeting academic purposes

According to the recent study, using Internet students perform better academically and do well in their relationships with groupmates getting new skills and experience. Over 51% of all students use the Internet to perform and deliver their home assignments, while 30% of them use it in college at least a couple of hours daily;

2.Face-to-face communication improvement

Surprisingly, but the Internet can improve our communication skills in real life. Even though with social networks students have less time to communicate face-to-face, when chatting online they reduce the level of anxiety and can build new relationships easier interacting with unknown people;

3.Better learning

With the ability of web and mobile tools that include different essay services, agencies, apps that help with time management, task performance, and concentration, now students have all chances to get high scores in all disciplines (if they use these opportunities).


Talking about the negative influence of the Internet in students, we have to mention:

1.Cyber aggression

Besides being bullied in high school and college, there is a high risk of facing it online. 25% of personal students` information is shared without permission, 30% of users receive angry and threatening messages, while 50% of these threats are sent by Internet friends;

2.Physical activity reduction

With our lives going online, there is less time spent on physical activities, including sports, running, and playing games outdoors. Only 34% of users do exercises while others just look for this information on the web;

3.Creativity decrease

As you can find anything you like on the web, you don`t need to put some effort and come up with a creative idea or question. You need less thinking because all information is just one click away from you;

4.Less time for yourself

With staying up late because of Internet surfing, you may discover problems with sleep and low energy. Besides, you have less time for family and friends, which can lead to relationships getting worse.


If the measures are not taken on time, one of the biggest problems can become Internet addiction.


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