How to Back up Your Blu-ray Disc?

We know that Blu-ray is the newest innovation and currently expensive, so it is better to back up your Blu-ray discs in case they break or get damaged. It is recommended that burn the Blu-ray Movies from your original disc to another Blu-ray Disc with Sothink HD Movie Maker, which can easily burn HD Blu-ray movies to Blu-ray Disc of 25GB or 50 GB capacity.

Here is a simple tutorial illustrating how to burn Blu-ray movies to Blu-ray Disc with Sothink HD Movie Maker:

What You Need:

  • Blu-ray Movies: Save the Blu-ray movie files, which are from the Blu-ray Disc you purchased or downloaded from Internet, in the computer.
  • Empty Blu-ray Disc: Insert an empty Blu-Ray disc into the computer’s drive.
  • Blu-ray Disc Burner: Sony unveils BWU-100A Blu-ray burner, for example.
  • Blu-ray Burning Software: Sothink HD Movie Maker

Start Burning:

  • Step 1: Add Files

Launch Sothink HD Movie Maker application program.Before burning Blu-ray movie(s) into Blu-ray Disc, the movie files need to be added in first.

Selecting “Add Files” from File in the Menu or directly clicking button “Add Files” on the Toolbar, a dialog pops up for choosing movie files to the program. You can add more than one movie file at one time.

Add Files

The movie files added in will be listed in Details mode or Thumbnails mode. If you want to delete some files, just select the movie and click button “Remove”. You may also click button “Move Up” or “Move Down” to change the movies’ burning order.

  • Step 2: Set Target Disc

Go to General Settings or Advanced Settings panel and set target disc size:


Click the arrow and select the target disc size from the drop down list. Since it’s to burn Blu-ray movies into Blu-ray disc, here we select the target disc size as “BD-25 (25G)” or “BD-50 (50G)”.

Note: Besides burning Blu-ray movie to Blu-ray Disc, Sothink HD Movie Maker also can convert other various video files to High-definition (HD) Blu-ray movies and burn the movies into common DVD or Blu-ray Disc. The discs supported are DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, BD-R, BD-RE, etc.

If you are interested in those high definition movie formats, you may link to SothinkMedia Glossary page for detailed information.

Besides the target disc size, you may need to do some other setting, like choosing video dimension:

Also under General or Advanced Setting panel, click the arrow below tab Video dimension and select the target video dimension from the drop down list. There are three options: “1280*720”, “1440*1080” and “1920*1080”. Since all the HD televisions are 1920 x 1080, which is full high definition and is the standard for today’s TV’s, here it recommended to select 1920 x 1080.

If you are advanced users and familiar with video code, you may set more parameters for your Blu-ray Disc under Advanced Setting panel.

For more details, please link to

  • Step 3: Burn Blu-ray Disc

Make sure the checkbox besides the movie files you want to burn is been ticked. If there is none movie ticked, the program prompts when starting burning. When all the checkboxes are ticked, the movie files added in will be burned following the order of the file list.

Select “Burn” from File in the Menu or directly click button “Burn” on the Toolbar, and then it starts burning:

Burn Disc

Note: If there is no disc in the drive, it pops up a dialog for prompting and HD Movie Maker automatically creates a folder for saving temporary files.

The burning function requires Windows XP SP2/Windows Vista SP1 or above versions. If the system doesn’t meet the requirement, HD Movie Maker will automatically create a standard folder to store the generated Blu-ray movie.

Sothink HD Movie Maker supports multiple CPUs and multiple core CPUs, and supports concurrent conversion for multiple videos with high speed, so if your computer has multiple CPUs and multiple core CPUs, you may go to Options-Encoding dialog and choose the maximum number of CPU cores to make burning faster.

When the burning is completed, you may enjoy the high-def BD movies with various Blu-ray players, for example, Sony PS3.

Click here to download Sothink HD Movie Maker and try to back up your Blu-ray Disc now >>

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