How to choose the right ink and paper for your business card?

At the end of every trade show or business convention, the participants go home with a fistful of business cards. Card printing is as important to your business as banner printing, poster printing or any kind of custom printing for that matter. Your business cards are your only link to the contacts you make. A full-service online printing company like can print impressive, attention-getting business cards quickly and deliver them just as rapidly by mail or courier.

For your business card to make the best impression, it needs to appeal to the touch, first of all. High-gloss paper feels classy. Specialty business cards made of plastic or metal are sure conversation starters. With online printing, you can peruse the entire inventory of card stock to find the perfect fit for you.

The design of your business card says a lot about your company. Your child may be an artist-in-training, but hire a professional to design your card. Use a logo or graphic if you like. Full color card printing is as easy to order as single color printing but be careful to maintain a professional appearance. Obviously, if you’re a professional clown, you’ll want to have a fun, colorful card but if you’re a financial adviser, you need a more stately appearance so your customers take you seriously.

The typeface you choose should be clear and easy to read. Don’t try packing too much information on the card. It’s best to keep it simple with just your name and contact information. If you own a business, you might want to include your hours of operation on the back of the card.

There are several types of ink you can use.

1. Pearl inks glimmer in the light with a beautiful luminescence.
2. Metallic inks have bits of metal in them, so they shine.
3. Fluorescent inks glow under black light or after being exposed to light. This is popular for poster printing also.
4. Raised lettering stands out from the paper. The wet ink has powder dusted on it which is then heated to form a glossy, lifted text.
5. Foil printing involves dye-pressing gold foil into the card with a heat-transfer process. This cost-prohibitive method is best-used for small areas like business cards but not for banner printing.

These five types of ink, combined with a wisely chosen card stock, will give you a business card that makes a fast, favorable impression on your business associates and clients. Custom printing gets results.

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