How to Convert Video to iPod?

Watching videos on iPod becomes more and more popular among the users of iPod nano, iPod classic and iPod touch. Since iPod only supports its own video format, how to realize watching videos of different formats on iPod? Here is a simple and quick “Video to iPod” solution.

Just choose a video converter as the iPod converter tool. Here the iPod converter selected is Sothink Video Converter.

Follow the easy guide below and users can complete “Video to iPod” task in clicks.

Part One: Convert Video to iPod Format

Step 1: Load and Edit Source Video

Launch Sothink Video Converter and click button Add to add the video to the program. It can also add more videos and convert them together in one time.

This video converter can simply crop and trim videos into clips or segments, so users can click button Crop& Trim to freely choose a part of the video to convert.


As the picture shows above, just to move the triangle(s) to select a part of the video to convert and trim the video duration. With the trimming function, users can directly watch the favorite part of the movie while cut off the unwanted parts. It is also can realize cropping video picture by moving mouse, as the screenshot shows.

Click button OK and go back to the first dialog, and then click button Next.

Step 2: Choose “Convert to iPod” and Specify Settings


Here is for users choosing target format of the video converted. Click the drop-down arrow of “Convert to” and select iPod from the list. Then the encoding settings will be of the iPod format (Audio settings are on the left side while Video settings are on the right).

If you are beginner, just skip the directory and media settings here. Usually it has no need to do any settings here since Sothink Video Converter can automatically specify the most suitable settings for users.

After setting the parameters, click button Next to start conversion.

When the video to iPod conversion is completed, users just need to move the converted movie to iPod device. And how?

Part Two: Transfer Video to the iPod

First launch iTunes, and select Add File to Library from File. Then import the movie converted before into iTunes. Or just drag and drop the movie into iTunes. Next to transfer the video to iPod.
There also are many ways to transfer converted video to iPod through iTunes after it’s connected with your computer via USB cable.
1) Press the Sync button under Summary tab. This will sync the videos as well as other items like music, TV shows, podcasts, audiobook, photos and applications;
2) Under Movies tab, select Sync movies > All movies, and press Sync button;
3) Under Movies tab, select Sync movies > Selected movies, choose the video in the pane, and press Sync button.

ipod00After a while, the sync will be completed. Check the iPod and then you can bring your movies anywhere and have fun at any time.

Download and try Sothink iPod Converter >>

7 thoughts on “How to Convert Video to iPod?

  1. Converting a video to an iPod is very easy by using a converter. iPod usually supports MPEG-4 format.

  2. While the iPod was originally platform dependent, after July 2004 iPods (and Apple’s iTunes software, included with each unit) worked on either Windows or Mac. iTunes makes it possible to load an entire CD onto an iPod in as little as ten seconds, organize thousands of songs into favorite playlists, purchase songs, albums, videos and movies from the online store and subscribe to podcasts.

  3. We all know what the Apple iPod is capable of. Of course, one is able to download, store and play an almost infinite number of songs on just about any version of the iPod Nano. There are also iPods that can play movies, videos and show pictures and photographs as well. Indeed, the iPod is a fantastic item for someone to bring all of their favorite songs and singers with them wherever they go. Yup, the iPod pretty neat in that regard