How to Create a Image Scroller for Your Products?

Thanksgiving is coming! Everybody is preparing for it and absolutely has a shopping list in his heart for those he wants to give thanks to!
Do you want to create a attractive scroller for all the selling products on your website at this special time? Let’s create a auto-scrolling scroller with Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller in minutes!

Following the 3 steps below, you can create a simple image scroller:

Step1. Launch Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller and choose the template “hot movies2”.

   Click here

   Then you can preview the scroller in the preview window

Step2. Set the properties of the scroller.

1. Add a new item in the List Panel. Click the “Append item(s)” button and choose an image from the computer. For example, we choose the image file “lustandcaution.gif” in the destop. Of course, you can choose multiple files at the same time by pressing the Shift key.

2. Choose the added item in the list panel and Switch to Item panel. Input content of this item.

3. Set the the properties of the item’s popup tip in the Popup Tip panel.   



4. Set the whole property of the scroller in the Global panel. Here we choose the scroll style as “Auto Scroll”, so the scroller will keey scrolling automatically.

5. Set the properties of the scroller’s title in the Title panel.

Step3. Publish the created scroller to your web page.

Now, you create a image scroller!

Isn’t is EASY^_^?

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