How to Create a Quiz with Components in Sothink SWF Easy 6.0?

In Sothink SWF Easy 6.0, Flash component function is added. The components in SWF Easy 6.0 are all UI components and very easy to use.

A component is a movie clip with parameters and it is used to speed up animation creation process for Flash users, especially for developers who are building Flash applications.

Components enable users to build complex Flash applications, even if users don’t have an advanced understanding of ActionScript.

What exactly can components do? How to create something with the components in Sothink SWF Easy?

Below is a Flash quiz created by Sothink SWF Easy 6.0. It contains component Button, CheckBox, RadioButton, List and Scrollbar.

In Sothink SWF Easy, just select a component and drag it to the canvas, and then set its properties and edit its parameter in Properties panel. All the functions and features of Flash components in the program are realized by parameters and ActionScript. If users need advanced function of the component, it’s also OK in SWF Easy 6.0.

If you are interested in the Flash quiz above, you may link to download the swf file from Sothink website. You may also download the gla file and learn the ActionScript in the Flash quiz and then create one of your own.

Click here to download Quiz gla file>>

If you would like to learn the ActionScript in this Flash quiz or have some other question about components in Sothink SWF Easy 6.0, you may contact

Link to download Sothink SWF Easy 6.0>>

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