How to Create a Rounded Corner Menu?

One of our readers recently asked about how to create a rounded corner style menu. Rounded corner menu looks nice. Well, here is a quick way -using Sothink DHTML Menu 9.0, a professional DHTML Menu maker. This program supports setting menu item with rounded corner, so we can create a menu with rounded corner style.

Below is a sample of rounded corner menu, which is produced by Sothink DHTML Menu. It totally imitates the old menu style of


To create a rounded menu, we should choose “Menu Item – Background” in the tasks panel. In the property panel, you can set the background of the menu item as rounded corner image in the Background Library.



You can also custom the rounded corner image in the Custom dialog. The custom image is made up of three graphics, which are the left corner, the middle graphic and the right corner. You can define each as you like.


Following the steps above, you can create a cool menu with rounded menu style.
Design your special rounded corner menu to welcome this Christmas day in 2008!
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