How to Design a 3D Text Logo

The previous weaving logo tutorial receives great popularity with its layer sense and gradient effect. Therefore, we believe dimensional artwork is attractive to more readers. So today, we are going to share how to design a 3D text logo.

Download Sothink Logo Maker Pro at here

Designer’s Inspiration

This logo is designed by Benny.

“3D effect is always attractive to me. I think it’s a good idea to make text logo dimensional. So I tried to create dimensional effect with pen tool; it’s just like sketching, and adjusted the shape by dragging anchor point little by little. The shadow was created by gradient effect. I hope you like it”

What we are going to create

Step 1 Sketching

I always sketch several copies before designing in program. It helps me to narrow the thought from general to specific, and finally decide what I’m going to create.

Step 2 Input text

Click Add Text button and input ax in Danube font. If you don’t have Danube font, download at here. Drag text to shape like this:

Step 3.1 Make letter a dimensional

We are going to add 3D effect to first letter—a. Since there’s no 3D model in program for you to generate effect directly, we can find another way out. We use Pen tool to draw 3D effect.

As long as you have a basic understanding of space such as angular perspective and parallel perspective, you would know which part is exposed to your sight and which part is hidden.

Click Pen tool and add several anchor points beside the left outline of letter a. Do not loose mouse as you add each point, drag mouse to adjust the direction bar to make the curve similar to letter outline.

It’s OK if the shape is not perfect. We can use Subselect to adjust the place of each anchor point. Adjust little by little as long as you are satisfied with it. Something like this:

Tips: no stroke for the shape; set shape as the later layer than the text.

Step 3.2 Add another shape

Now we are going to make the inner part dimensional. The method is same to the previous step. Use Pen tool to draw the shape and Subselect shape to adjust the place of each anchor point.

Step 4.1 Make letter x dimensional

Now we are going to make letter x dimensional. There are three parts to be added for letter x. Let’s do the first one. The method is same, so I’m not gonna repeat it.

Tips: make sure this shape is the later layer than letter a and x.

Step 4.2 Add another two shapes

Step 5 Add gradient effect

The 3D logo is complete in shape; we are now going to add gradient on color. Before getting started, we need to convert text to shape so that we could add effect separately. Right click text and choose text to shape.

Let’s supposed the light is coming from upper left; so the logo color should be changed from upper left to bottom right.

Let’s start with letter a. Choose the first gradient effect with 45 degrees in gradient angle. Give #91BCCA to the first gradient slider and #004856 to the second one.

For the first shape, the upper part should be bright and bottom part should be dark. Select the shape and choose gradient effect. Drag the first gradient slider with #99C6CF and the second with #004A5C. The gradient angle is 90 degree.

Choose the same effect for the inner shape, give #8CC5D2 and #1F6174 to sliders; the gradient angle is -90 degrees.

Let’s turn to letter x. We choose same effect for letter x with 90 degrees. Give #97CBDA and #00465A to two sliders.

This shape is different. It has three colors for gradient, in which the middle color is dark and two side colors are bright. So we choose this effect in 90 gradient degrees. We need 3 sliders to achieve the effect. Give #7AA8B9, #004758 and #84AEC0 to three sliders.

Choose gradient to this shape with 90 degrees. Set color #82B5C4 and #00424F to sliders.

It’s time for the last shape. Choose the same effect with 90 degrees. Give these two colors to sliders: #004657 and #93C2D2. Something like this:

Step 6 Make highlight

We are now going to add some details to make it natural. If you were careful enough, you can find there are two highlight on the letter a and x, which is coordinate with the direction of light source. That’s what we gonna do in this step.

Zoom in and use Pen tool to draw a tenuous shape; color it with white and use Subselect to make adjustment.

The method is the same for making highlight on letter x.

Tips: zoom out to check the effect in ordinary size

Step 7 Create logo reflection and background

Creating reflection effect is really easy in Logo Maker Pro. Select all the elements on canvas and use Reflection effect with 60 in height and 30 in opacity.

Drag a square shape from Shape Geometry category as the background, go to Layout menu and sent it as back layer, choose gradient effect in 90 degrees and color sliders with #F3FBFF and #BDE7FC.




We use text to form the main structure of logo; then, use Pen tool to draw 3D in shape; finally, we take the best advantage of effect function to achieve real light illumination and reflection. It is the first real 3D logo designed by Logo Maker Pro in Logorial. We hope you like it.

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