How to Design a Colorful Go Logo

This is the first article in “Logorial” column. Today, we are going to share how to design a colorful Go logo. In this article, we are not only share the tutorial step by step, but also the skills and inspiration from designer, and free download link.

Like we said before, the program we used for creating this logo is Sothink Logo Maker Pro (download for free). So without further ado, let’s get started.

What we are going to create

Designer’s inspiration

This logo is designed by Cmxfish.

“The other day I prowled around the lake, I saw colorful flower shrub at the distance. They were so beautiful that make me wanna go immediately. Suddenly I was inspired by the beautiful scenery: different color represents the power coming from different directions; when they unify together, they form the strength of Go. So why don’t put it in my logo? And that’s how this logo comes from.”

Step 1: getting started

First you need to open Logo Maker Pro. This logo mainly formed by two letters: G and O. To create the two letters, we offer two ways:

  • For users who like to draw by themselves, you can use Pen tool. We are pretty sure you know how to use Pen tool; so all you need to do is to adjust curve to make it looks as natural as possible.
  • For users who don’t know how to master Pen tool, you can use resources. One of good things about this program is that there are so many resources inside, which effectively simply workflow.

Here we use the second way, because it’s fast. Drag circle element from Shape Geometry category; select the shape, press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V; so now we have two circles.

Step 2: cutting the first circle

Now we gonna create G. Here we use Tailor tool to cut the first circle. Tailor is a practical tool for us to edit partial element of a whole. We cut twice; please be noted that the second cut should be horizontal, otherwise we are not able to do well in step 3. Delete the small part of the circle. So something like this:

Step 3: dragging anchor point to shape G

Now we gonna shape letter G. Select bottom part of the circle and Subselect it; you can see lots of anchor points appear. Drag the upper left anchor point to left down direction.

Then, we need to add an anchor point in the middle of the diagonal. Choose Pen+ tool; as you move mouse to the diagonal, there’s a little plus icon appear beside the pen tool; so click at the middle place to add an anchor point.

Drag the point you just added to shape letter G. it should be coordinate with the one below.

Step 4: cutting more and coloring each part

Now G is completed in shape. However, we need to make it more colorful, so gonna give it more cuts. Choose Tailor again and add 3 more cuts; so G is divided into 5 parts. Choose a specific color to each part on Color Wheel. A slight difference will be OK. So something like this:

Step 5: Cutting letter O

Now we gonna edit another circle—letter O. Before we cutting O, we need to put O together with G with some parts overlapped. Select Tailor tool to add the first cut. Please be noted that the first cut should coincide with the cut on the G accurately. It’s better to look as a single line. Then, add the extra two cuts.

Step 6: coloring O

Here we want to add colors to different parts of letter O. The colors should be the same with the corresponding parts on G. So the letter O is completed.

Step 7: creating another layer

Now we are going to add another GO later to make it more dimensional. Select all the elements on canvas; press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Thus, we create another layer of GO. Then, color it with #BDE7FC and put it behind the colorful Go. You can set the order of each layer at Layout.

Step 8: adding reflection and background

Finally, we are going to add reflection and background. Drag a round shape from Shape Geometry and color it grey; add the 5th effect in Gradient to shape; set 100% to left arrow with #A4A4A4 and 0% to right with #E0E0E0; reshape it to flat. So the reflection is down.

Since we can’t add effect to canvas, we drag square element from Shape Geometry as the background and reshape to canvas size. Choose the last effect in Gradient, click left side of the bar to add an arrow to define gradient color, here we choose white #FFFFFF; adjust right arrow to define main color; here we choose #E6E6E6. A slight difference is OK.


So the final logo should look like this:


We take some of the best advantages of Logo design tool to create a beautiful GO logo. We use multiple colors to different elements which demonstrate the energetic power of GO. We hope you like it and inspired by this tutorial for your project.

Free download

This logo is now available on Logo Design Software. You can download at here for free.

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