How to Design a Cool Star Logo

Hi, guys, how’s everything? Last week, we share how to design a colorful GO logo, which receives great popularity. Thanks for your guys’ feedback. So now we gonna continue; today, we gonna share tutorial and tips about how to design a cool Star Logo.

If you have read our opening marks, you would probably know that the program we use to create logo is Logo Maker Pro (download here for free). So without further ado, let’s get down to business.

What we are going to create

Designer’s inspiration

This logo is designed by Sophie Yang.

“Stars are magical to me. I love look upon to sky in the summer night and stare at the twinkling stars. To me, they are the lights in darkness that bring hope. So I inspired by the idea to create a star logo. I endow magical colors to make it a magical star in dark sky. I hope you like it.”

Step 1: getting started

First we need to create a star shape. There is a hexagram shape in Resource-Shape Geometry; so we drag it to canvas. Meanwhile, you can also use Pen tool if like drawing. Here we choose the former one, because it is easy and simple. Rotate clockwise a little bit. As for the outline, we choose No Stroke.

Step 2: reshape the star

Then, we need to reshape the star, in another word, make it smooth. Subselect the shape, you will see anchor points appear. What we need to do is drag middle point on left side line of each corner. Drag inside a little bit to turn straight line into curve. So the outline looks smooth. Something like this.

Step 3: cutting star

This step is funny; it feels like you are playing Fruit Ninja. Now we gonna cut the star into different parts. Choose Tailor tool and cut the star into 6 parts (5 cuts altogether).

Step 4: gapping

Have you notice there are 5 gaps on the final product? We drag each part away to make the gap appear. So this step is important, you should be very careful.

Subselect each part, drag anchor point a little bit, just a little bit, to make the gap appear; don’t make it too wide. You are going to drag 5 anchor points at each gap position. So something like this; a slight difference will be OK.

Step 5: coloring

As we divide the star into different parts, we need to add some colors to make it beautiful. Select each part and add the corresponding color to it. You can choose color from Color Wheel. The colors we use in this logo are #FA2605, #A21802, #FC5C43, #FD9943, #2CB2D1 and #83D5E8 (from bottom to top). The similar colors will be OK.

Step 6: add text and background

Now we gonna add text and background. Add text “cutting star” in “Geometr415 Lt BT” font, color “cutting” in #B21800 and “star” in #37C4CB.

As for the background, drag a square shape from Shape-Geometry, reshape to canvas size, choose “send to back” in Layout (the last layer). Select the last effect in Gradient. The left arrow controls gradient color, we choose #686868 with 100%, and the right one controls main color, we choose #000000 with 100%.



This work demonstrates the very best part of the logo creator we use: graphic tool and color. The logo looks complicated at the first sight; but with the help of these awesome features, it is quite easy to create it. We hope you can take best advantage of these features from this tutorial, and make your design project a simple process.

Free download

This logo is now available on Logo Design Software. You can download for free.

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