How to Design a Folded P Logo

Today, we are going to share how to create a folded P logo. We take the best advantage of effect function of Logo Maker Pro to give each layer different transparency and gradualness in color. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Before getting started, we’d like to mention again: If you are new to here, please download Logo Maker Pro for free; because all the logos in Logorial are designed by this awesome vector design program.

What we are going to create

Designer’s inspiration

This logo is designed by Cmxfish.

“I was inspired by the Curiosity exploring Mars. Universe, associated with black and blue, is an unknown world for human being. I use transparent and gradient color to create a folded letter logo, which express the curiosity to explore unknown world.

This logo can be used in the area of science, exploration, ocean, aerospace and etc. I hope you like it.”

Step 1 creating the first layer in grid background

Because we are going to do some precise work in the process, so we need auxiliary line for reference. Click Config panel and select Show Grid button to display auxiliary line.

As a matter of fact, this logo consists of different shapes. Now, we are going to create the first shape, let’s call it shape 1. Back to Home panel and choose Rectangle tool, draw square shape with 5 grids in height and 1 grid in width.

Then, we are going to cut shape 1. Choose Tailor tool to cut the upper and bottom part of layer 1. Please start from corner to corner of the grid to make sure the cutting angle is 45 degree. Don’t delete the cutting triangle, put it beside, we will use it later.

Step 2 creating shape 2

Now we are going to create shape 2. The method is similar to step 1. Use Rectangle to draw a square shape with 1 grid in height and 2 grids in width. And use Tailor to cut right part of the shape.

Step 3 creating shape 3

Use the similar way to create shape 3 with 3 grids in height and 1 grid in width. When you cut the shape, make sure the border is coordinate with layer 2. That’s why we make each cut with 45 degree.

Step 4 creating the last shape

We need the last part to form letter P. draw a square shape with 1 grid in height and 3 grids in width, and cut the edge. Something like this:

Step 5 set layer order for each shape

Before adding effect and color to elements, we need to keep them in good order—one layer after another. This is an easy step, but it’s important; otherwise, the final effect will be in chaos.

From the final product you can see very clearly: the last shape is the front layer, followed by shape 3, shape 2 and shape 1 (actually, there is no overlapping part between shape 1 and 2; so it’s ok to exchange their order).

Now go to Layout panel to adjust order by bringing forward or backward.

Step 6 color and effect

This is the most important step in this logo design, which determines the success of this work. We are going to add color and effect to make it a sense of fold. Let’s do this from shape 1 to 4.

Select shape 1 and choose gradient effect. We have two arrows on the effect bar to define gradient colors (left click to add arrow and right click to delete); for the left arrow we set with color value of #0249B1; for the right arrow we set with #19B4EA. So something like this:

It’s time to shape 2. Choose the same effect for shape 2, set #0249B1 to left arrow and #19B4EA to right. We need to take another parameter into consideration—angle. Here we set 45 degrees to achieve this effect:

Same effect and color for shape 3 with no angle requirement. One thing to be mentioned, we need to set transparency to gradient color in shape 3—A value. In Logo Maker Pro, A value is designed to define gradient color transparency. You can set different A value to different arrows to achieve different effect. Here we set 80% to A value.

Similarly, same effect and color to shape 4. Like we have mentioned above, we can set different A value to different arrows. Here we set 100% to #0249B1 and 80% to #19B4EA, which makes the lighter color transparent. Set -90 degree to angle.

Step 7 add highlight

If you were careful enough, you may feel lacking of something compare to the final product. Yes, you are right. We are lacking highlight at the corners of letter.

Remember the triangle we cut from rectangle? We gonna use it as highlight. Rotate triangle with 180 degree, choose same effect, set #74DBFC to left arrow with 0% transparency and #7BDDFC to right with 100% transparency, choose -90 degree in angle and put it at upper left of the letter. Something like this:

For the second highlight, choose gradient effect with #83DFFC to left arrow of 30% transparency and #74DBFC to right of 100% transparency, set -179 degree in angle. So the letter P is complete.

Step 8 add text and background

Now we are going to add text and background. Click Add Text and input “paper fold” with Folio Lt BT font. Color paper with #BCBEC0 and fold with #009BFF. If you don’t have this font, download here and put the TTF file in C-Windows-Fonts file.

Drag a square shape from Resources to canvas as background and color it with #060D15. Something like this:


It’s finished! Logo Maker Pro can export to different formats such as SVG, JPG and PNG. You can export the format you want.


In the design process, we take best advantage of effect function of Logo Maker Pro, and we successfully keep every layer in order to achieve gradient and transparent effect. In terms of color, blue and black is an ideal combination to create cool, mysterious and curious atmosphere. I hope you like it.

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