How to Design a Rummily Royal Logo

Today, we are going to share how to design a rummily royal logo. The logo is composed of many small elements; it seems difficult, but as a matter of fact, it’s easy to create this logo. So follow our steps, let’s see how to create a rummily royal logo.

Before going any deeper, we’d like to mention again: the program we use to create the logo is Logo Maker Pro, you can download logo design program at here for free.

What we are going to create

Designer’s inspiration

This logo is designed by Benny.

“Every time I walk on the crowded street, it feels like I’m a little drop in the ocean. As individual, we are small; but as small drops gathering, they form the ocean. When people get united, they can create miracles like Great Wall and Pyramid. So I inspired by the idea to create this logo. I select so many small elements to form a big R logo, which means ordinary people can make dream come true; and the crown is the reward for their effort. I hope you like this logo.”

Step 1: input text R

First you need to open Logo Maker Pro and click Add Text button; input text R in Berlin Sans FB Demi font. If you don’t have that font, you can download at here and add the font to My Computer-C-Windows-Fonts. The program will detect the new font automatically.

Step 2: add elements
Now we are going to add elements. Select letter R and lock it; this is to set the letter as a static reference so that you can drag elements to position accurately.

As for elements, there is no limitation; human, animal, shapes or anything else. You can find countless elements in Resources. You don’t have to follow each one in this logo precisely; you can choose the ones you like as well. All you need to do is drag them onto canvas and make them small.

There’s only one tip: the outline and interline of R is either straight line or curve; so the element in the corresponding place should be coordinate with it. In another word, the element placed on straight line should be straight, the element placed one curve should be curve. Otherwise, the final product will look strange. So something like this:

Step 3: add crown

This step is simple. We need to add some elements to form a crown. Here we choose airplane and bird; you can drag them from Transportation and Animal category and place at the upper right of the letter. Add star for each airplane.

Step 4: delete R

After adding all the elements, we can delete the static reference—letter R. Select letter R and press delete; then, the logo is constructed in shape.

Step 5: coloring

Now we are going to add some colors. The colors are not picked up at random; they follow one rule—from cool to warm. From the final product you can see that the colors changed from green and blue to red and orange. The color values in this logo are #82A52C, #4D9729, #039ADB, #DB43A3, #DC0F52, #FA662B, #FC9B27 and #FDD942. A slight difference will be OK.

Step 6: add text and background

Now we need to add text and background. Click Add Text button and input text “Rummily Royal” in Hobo Std font, color with blue and white.

Select Color in Config menu, choose dark blue as the background (#1F1837) color.


Some other examples

Using small elements to compose a big logo is a common method in graphic and logo design. We also collect some other fine examples from internet.

The logo in this category is similar in design skill: find a big and static target as reference, drag many little resources to fill and add with single or multiple colors. There is no technical difficulty; the one with patience and details will stand out from the crowd. It demonstrates the personality and creativity of designer.

Free download

This logo is now available on Logo Design Software. You can download for free.

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